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The Dog Sewing Pattern Your Best Friend Will Adore You For!

The Dog Sewing Pattern Your Best Friend Will Adore You For!

Need another excuse to get the sewing machine out? What about a dog sewing pattern that your four-legged friend can curl up in once complete, and snore the afternoon away whilst you craft? This DIY dog bed is the perfect sewing project! After all, your best friend deserves the best… and so does your home! Check out Debbie Shore’s step-by-step sewing tutorial here, and create something everyone in the house will love.

Create a made-to-measure super comfy place for your dog to snuggle up and sleep. The added benefit to sewing your own, is you can choose fabrics to fit in perfectly with your home décor… or your pet’s personality!

I’ve used a 24” square cushion pad; your fabric requirements will increase with a larger cushion pad.

Use a ½” seam allowance.

You Will Need:


  • 1 x 25” square
  • 2 x 25” x 12.5” rectangles
  • 4 x 25” x 14” rectangles
  • 8 x 10” strips of ribbon

Dog Sewing Pattern – DIY Dog Bed Tutorial:

Step 1:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

Take the two 25” x 12.5” rectangles and sew the zip between the two pieces. This will be the base of the bed.

Step 2:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

Fold each 23” x 14” rectangle in half wrong sides together. Pin a strip of ribbon to the centre of each short side, 2” from the fold, just through one layer of fabric. Sew in place.

Step 3:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

Fold each piece right sides together. Sew along one short end, then the next but this time leave a turning gap of about 4” in the middle. Turn the right side out.

Step 4:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

Sew each section to the right side of the 25” square piece.

Step 5:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

You should have ½” seam allowance in each corner.

Step 6:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

With the zip slightly open, sew the back of the bed right sides together to the front, making sure the ribbons and side pieces are out of the way of the seams.

Step 7:

dog sewing pattern tutorial step

Turn the right side out and insert your cushion pad.

And there you have it! You’ve completed Debbie Shore’s fantastic dog sewing pattern, and your best friend now has a super soft, super comfortable dog bed to snore the afternoon away in!

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