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The Purrrfect DIY Wrist Rest For Your Office

The Purrrfect DIY Wrist Rest For Your Office

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If you spend a lot of time sat at a computer, then you might like our latest sewing project… the purrrfect DIY wrist rest that makes a comfortable (and incredibly adorable) addition to your home office! You could create it using fabric scraps you’ve already got at home, or choose fabrics that will coordinate with other textiles in the room. Check out Anna Jay’s step-by-step sewing tutorial below, and learn how to make your own.

You Will Need:

Note: Before cutting the details out of a fabric, put the keyboard pad pattern next to your laptop or keyboard to see how long it should be. Extend or shorten the pattern. Add 3/8“ seam allowance to the keyboard and mouse pad details.

Step 1:

DIY wrist rest tutorial step

Cut the main pieces out of the fabric, nose and eyes out of the felt. Hand stitch or glue the eyes and nose to the right side of the fabric.

Step 2:

DIY wrist rest tutorial step

Using a pen or pencil, draw a mouth on the mouse and keyboard pad details. You can also draw a small nose on the keyboard detail. Hand stitch over the drawing.

Step 3:

DIY wrist rest tutorial step

Take the fabric details of each pad and put them right sides together. Machine stitch along the seam line, leaving a big enough opening to put the stuffing in.

Step 4:

DIY wrist rest tutorial step

Trim the seam allowances, especially in the curved areas; clip if needed. Turn the details inside out and press (it’ll help to secure the stitches).

Step 5:

DIY wrist rest tutorial step

Stuff the pads. Make sure you don’t put too much stuffing in, because they shouldn’t be too firm (which will make them uncomfortable to use).

Step 6:

DIY wrist rest tutorial step

Using a hand needle and a thread, close the remaining opening.

Finished mouse pad rest

Finished keyboard rest

Now your DIY wrist rest set is ready to use – pop it on your desk and get comfy!

Finished project in use

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