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Cherish The Details: Sarah Cawood’s DIY Wedding Keepsake Gift

Cherish The Details: Sarah Cawood’s DIY Wedding Keepsake Gift

When wedding season hits, it’s time to enjoy romantic nuptials, lavish receptions, and all the beauty and intricacy that goes with them! But what about when the Big Event is over? Many couples spend a small fortune on making the day magical, then have nothing left afterwards but the memories and the photos… unless they invite Sarah Cawood, of course! Check out Sarah’s advice on how to capture more than just photographs at the next wedding you attend, and how you can create a bespoke memento for the happy couple to cherish for years to come!

It’s WEDDING SEASON! Hurrah! I LOVE a wedding. The only problem is… it’s only one day! All that money gets spent and really, all that’s left after the Big Day is a banging headache and a grubby wedding dress. Obviously, there are photos and often a video, but all those beautiful flowers and the little details like place names and favours seem to go to waste after all the effort that was put into them.

It was with this in mind, that I started making wedding keepsake box frames for my friends and family that have got married in recent years. While I’m at the do, I tend to scope out what I think would be lovely things to treasure and save, and I pilfer bits and pieces of the floral arrangements (where possible, some of the bride’s bouquet or the groom’s buttonhole). I stash them all carefully away and then take them home and dry out the flowers in my airing cupboard.

For the backboard, I usually choose the accent colour of the wedding, or the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses, so the whole thing carries the theme of the day itself. For this one, I procured the groom’s beautiful rose buttonhole, the bride and groom’s placemats, and the monogrammed label that was attached to the mini bottles of sloe gin that were given as favours. Then I ordered a photo from the official photographer (but in the past I have used photos that I, or other guests have taken themselves, and given them a fancy filter via an app like LaLa Lab or similar). Then all that’s left to do is put them all together in a pretty way, inside a box frame. Unfortunately, because the flowers are often so robust, they do get a bit squashed by the glass on the frame, but I actually don’t think it detracts from the general loveliness.

It’s such a simple idea, but so effective. Really, it’s just a hugely embellished framed photograph isn’t it? This is my fourth attempt now, and I really enjoy doing them. Here are a couple I’ve created for friends in the past:

They also make fantastic wedding gifts in themselves, if you are on a bit of a budget, or anniversary gifts, if, like me, it takes you a while to get around to doing them.  It’s really straightforward to do – and fun too!

Do you have any weddings coming up this year? If you do give this lovely idea a try, please do send me photos; I’d love to see your handiwork!

Until next time my crafty lovelies, CIAO!

Love, La Cawood.



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