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DIY Wedding: Floral Wedding Favours

DIY Wedding: Floral Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a long-standing tradition when it comes to getting hitched, and if you’re crafting for your own wedding, they provide the perfect opportunity for you to get creative, and complement your chosen theme or colourscheme! This fantastic project from the lovely Sue Hardman takes you step-by-step through creating and decorating your own wedding favour boxes. You can adapt the colours and embellishments however you see fit, but these fantastic little boxes are versatile enough to hold sweets, small gifts, notes, or whatever else you’d like your guests to take home from your big day!

Not only are these fantastic little boxes gorgeous to look at (and certain to add glamour to every table!) but they’re easy to make up quickly too – making them ideal for batch crafting!

Kraft card is still massively popular, and for good reason; it’s versatile and lends itself well to the shabby chick style. Watercolour card works extremely well for box construction.  It doesn’t crack or split when folding and, more importantly, it will take colour from most mediums, which means you can now colour-match your theme perfectly! I’ve kept my colour pallet for this project to just three colours, introducing a little Kraft card into the mix as an option, to show you just how easy it can be to create something amazing with only a handful of crafting goodies!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Cut your box base: Cut a 5” x 5” square, score at 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ “ on all sides, then bend all the score lines and cut into each corner as shown.

Cut your box band: Cut a 2.5” x 8 ½ “(width of an A4 sheet of paper) piece of card. Score at 2.5”, then bend and butt back up against the left edge of the score board; score again at 1 3/8”, bend and butt back up to the score board, score at 2 5/8 “, bend and butt back up against the edge of the score board, and score at 1 3.8” and bend this score line. Cut a diagonal strip off each end of the smaller section, as shown.

Step 2:

Cut the flower petals as shown above, you could use a floral die, or draw out a design and hand-cut. You will need two larger shapes and two smaller shapes to create one flower. Next, cut one or two leaf shapes (depending upon your preference!) to complement the flower.

Step 3:

Glue the box base together and the two box bands together.

Step 4:

If you’re not using just Kraft card or printed card stock, paint the outside and inside of the box base, with the Inka Silk using a sponge (work in one direction).  Paint all the flower petals and the leaf. Once you have done all the painting, you can leave it as a chalky look, or you can buff with some kitchen towel and it will give a delicate sheen to your work.

Step 5:

Shape the flower petals using a bone folder or an embossing tool and mat, and hot-glue all the flower sections together.  Cut the leaf in half, and shape.

Step 6:

Squeeze a generous amount of Pinflair Glue Gel into the centre of the flower and sprinkle over glitter, sequins or small beads.

Leave to try for 10 mins, then gently tip off any excess glitter or sequins.  Nudge anything loose into shape, and leave to dry for about half an hour until the glue is fully set.

Step 7:

Cut a length of twine, bunch it together and hot-glue to the top of the box. Hot-glue the flower and leaves over the twine, and finish by adding glossy accents in a random fashion over the flower and leaves. Leave to dry… and your gorgeous, glamorous favour box is complete!

Are you crafting for an upcoming wedding? What’s the theme and colourscheme… and what have you been creating?! Let us know in the comments below!



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