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DIY Wedding Bouquet: Step-by-Step Foam Flowers plus Paper Alternatives

DIY Wedding Bouquet: Step-by-Step Foam Flowers plus Paper Alternatives

Whilst we love all things wedding (who doesn’t love a good party, after all?) it can become a pretty expensive affair to tie the knot these days. Decorations, stationery, accessories and flowers can all cost a pretty penny, and those costs mount up… so we love it when a crafty alternative can be found! These DIY Wedding Bouquet ideas from the talented Helen Kirkham are a fantastic alternative to bona fide blooms, if you’d rather get creative with your flowers! Check out her papercraft bouquets, and discover a step-by-step tutorial that will enable you to recreate your own foam flowers, below.

Step 1:

DIY wedding bouquet tutorial step
Begin by tracing around the red liner tape, onto the foam sheets.

Step 2:

DIY wedding bouquet tutorial step
Cut out the circle.

Step 3:

DIY wedding bouquet tutorial step
Beginning at the outside and working your way into the centre of the circle, cut around the foam tape, to create a spiral.

Step 4:

DIY wedding bouquet tutorial step
Glue the pearl pin to the top of the wire stems.

Step 5:

DIY wedding bouquet tutorial step
Glue the outside edge of the spiral to the pearl and stem, and continue to wrap the rest around the foam to create the rose. Finish the flower by glueing the centre of the foam spiral to the base of the spiral rose.

Helen’s Helpful Hint:

Keep glueing as you spiral the foam around itself to keep it from unraveling, but make sure to do it at the bottom of the spiral not at the top, otherwise it may be seen on the top of the rose. Plus, you do not need much glue each time; less is definitely more with your hot glue!

Step 6:

DIY wedding bouquet tutorial step
Wrap the florist tape around the stem to cover up where the pearl and stem are glued together.

And that’s your first foam flower complete! Now simply repeat the process to create the rest of your beautiful bouquet! Of course, you don’t have to use foam… check out Helen’s alternative papercraft DIY wedding bouquets below…

Crepe Paper DIY Wedding Bouquet:

Crepe paper flowers

These beautiful crepe paper flowers are dainty and delicate and make an incredible alternative to real white roses. Of course, you needn’t be restricted by colour; you can craft these using crepe paper in any colour to match your colour scheme, or even create a bunch using more than one colour for a real eye-catching finish!

Upcycled Book DIY Wedding Bouquet:

Book page flowers

How’s this for a romantic idea? You could create the petals for your DIY wedding bouquet using the pages of a special book, script, songsheet or any other piece of literature that means something to you and your betrothed! How fabulous would it be if the lyrics of the song you first danced to featured in your flowers?

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