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Wall Hanging Craft Ideas: The Beauty of the Beach

Wall Hanging Craft Ideas: The Beauty of the Beach

Project title

Introducing the first installment of our three-part series on the crafting trend that’s taken the nation by storm in lockdown… loom weaving! In this series we’ll be bringing you all the information you need to discover this relaxing craft for yourself… plus three gorgeous wall hanging craft ideas you can have a go at recreating at home, all centered on the beauty of the beach! First up is the fantastic Helen Kirkham and her beautiful sunset design, plus an introduction to the weaving terminology you need to know. Want to check out the rest of the series? Find all the articles, right here.

You Will Need:

The Loom Dictionary:

Loom – the wooden frame on which to build the tapestry.

Warp – the horizontal strings on the loom.

Weft – the thread or yarn that goes vertically across the loom, going over and under the warp strings.

Shuttle – a wooden tool to carry the weft back and forth between the warp.

Helen Kirkham’s Sunset Wall Hanging:

I was very excited if a little apprehensive when asked to do a loom knitting project. It’s a little out of my own personal crafting comfort zone. However, I thought it would be nice to share my beginner looming experience with you.

There is so much information online about different types of wool to use, different size looms and even different ways of threading the weft through the warp (get me using the correct words!) but it basically means weaving the wool (in this case) through the twine! So I decided to just do a basic, plain weave to start with and only a single warp thread.

I am very happy with the end result and actually found the whole experience quite relaxing! I think probably the hardest part is remembering if you finish one row with the wool over the twine you start the next one under! Once I had that sorted in my head I was able to do the weaving without even thinking about it! I started the work in my craft room being very focused but became so relaxed and really ‘in the zone’ I was actually able to sit on the sofa and watch a programme at the same time. It was so much more fun and relaxing than I thought it would be and I am so happy with the final result… and I know if you have a go you will be too!

Step 1:

Loom and shuttle

Knot the string at the bottom left corner of the loom and thread up and down between the grooves to form the warp. Knot again at the end. Thread one of the shuttles from the kit over and under through the weft at the bottom of the loom and start weaving above this. This will allow enough string at the bottom of the tapestry to tie off the strings. Weave 5 rows of string to strengthen the tapestry. Load the shuttle and take it across the loom going over the first string and under the next string all the way across. Go back across the loom making sure to go under the string where you previously went over, and over where you previously went under.

Helen’s helpful hint: When threading the warp strings make sure they are firm but not too tight. As there are two shuttles in the kit one could be used to thread in and out of the warp at the bottom of the loom.

Step 2:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Knot the thick yellow yarn along the bottom to form the “dunes” of the beach.

Step 3:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Repeat the weaving using the yellow yarn to form the sand, a strip of white to form the sea foam and blue yarn for the sea. Make sure you continue going under and over the strings as you cross the loom. As you work through the project take time to keep it firm by pushing down gently using a wooden weaving comb to keep it firm.

Helen’s helpful hint: I found using a plastic picnic fork worked as well.

Step 4:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Place a medium sized mug half over the string to form a semi-circle for the “setting sun”. Draw round the cup on the strings.

Step 5:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

For the setting sun, weave a couple of rows of orange all the way across then work only across the middle strings evenly decreasing the number of strings you weave on, to form a half circle.

Step 6:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Take the large blue yarn and tear into three similarly thick pieces to achieve the cloudy effect in the sky. Once you have completely covered the space around and above the sun, start using the sky blue yarn to finish off.

Helen’s helpful hint: As a beginner, I would recommend that if you have gaps in the weave from doing a pattern, then use a thicker yarn to cover up any holes in the weave. As you become more advanced in your loom knitting you can start to dovetail the yarns together, which is using one string for two pieces of yarn.

Step 7:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Continue with blue yarn until approximately 5 cm from the top of the loom then weave 5 rows of string to finish off.

Step 8:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Using a large hole darning needle, gently sew the yarn ends through the loops at the back of the tapestry, taking care not to go through to the front. Do this with all of the hanging threads and, once it feels tight enough, snip away the excess thread.

Step 9:

Wall hanging craft ideas tutorial step

Cut the strings at the top and knot the strings together in twos all the way across. Repeat at the bottom.

Completed project

And that completes the first project in our wall hanging craft ideas series; your gorgeous sunset scene is complete, and the only thing left to consider is where you’re going to hang it!

Now that you’ve got to grips with the technique and terminology, it’s time to explore more wall hanging craft ideas to sink your shuttle into – find the entire wall hanging tutorial series right here, or … check out the rest of our home crafts projects, ideas and tutorials to keep you busy!

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