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DIY Vintage Wedding Stationery: Trendy Rustic Vibes, Minimum Effort

DIY Vintage Wedding Stationery: Trendy Rustic Vibes, Minimum Effort

When it comes to getting hitched, Pinterest and craft blogs are every bride’s best friend these days. Why? Because creativity is such a big part of the process… and therefore so is inspiration! And at Create and Craft, we take inspiration very seriously… which is why we couldn’t wait to share this gorgeous kraft wedding menu project with you! If you’re planning a vintage wedding, and need to know how to add a trendy rustic vibe to your stationery, then this is the project for you. Check out Vikki Gorham’s kraft wedding stationery project below, and discover how a stack of kraft card and some careful snipping will enable you to create a simple yet beautiful set of wedding stationery that will have guests grinning before the canapes come out!

Create your own vintage themed wedding stationery with ease, with a few papercrafting supplies from Create and Craft! This menu holder could also be used as a wedding invitation, or Mass booklet. Continue with the same theme to co ordinate all your wedding stationery/table décor!

You Will Need:

DIY Vintage Wedding Stationery Project:

Step One:

Take a piece of A4 kraft card and, using your scoring board and bone folder, score down the middle of your card. This forms your booklet shape.
If you wanted to use this for your wedding invitation wallet, you could simply adjust the length accordingly.

Step Two:

Take your A4 cream card and cut the following, as per the photo:

  • One piece of card at 5 x 7 inches
  • One piece of card at 5 6/8 inches x 3 inches
  • Two pieces of card at 1 x 3 inches

Next, take a sheet of A4 linen card, and cut one piece to 5 x 7 1/2 inches.

Step Three:

From a sheet of A4 kraft card, cut the folowing, as per the photo:

  • One piece of card at 2 x 4 inches
  • One piece of card at 2 6/8 inches x 4 ½ inches

Step Four:

Use a small flower die and a small heart die to cut the shapes required to create your embellishments. You will need to make a total of three embellishments; use your foam squares when sticking to give dimension.

Step Five:

Take your two pieces of cream card that you cut to 1x 3 inches, and use your score board to score down the middle. Take a pair of scissors and angle the top of each piece. These are going to form your pocket.

Secure as per the photo using double-sided tape onto the piece of cream card you cut at 5 6/8 inches x 3 inches. Next, mat the piece of kraft card you cut at 2 6/8 inches x 4 ½ inches onto this using wet glue.

Step Six:

Using your alphabet dies and cream card, die-cut the word ‘menu’, then take the piece of kraft card that you cut to 2 x 4 inches, and use glue to stick your die-cut letters to this. Next, attach this to your front cover using foam squares – you can use a ruler to make sure you line your letters up.

Step Seven:

Using your corner chomper, cut the corners of your card before attaching as per each photo.

Step Eight:

Now you can assemble the inside of your booklet! Use glue to stick the piece of cream card you cut to 5 x 7 inches inside the left panel of your booklet, and place your embellishment on the top. This piece would be perfect to write your welcome message on for your guests!

Next, take the piece of cream linen card your cut to 5 x 7 ½ inches, and stick your embellishment to the to top of this. This piece remains loose, so your guests will be able to slip it in and out of the pocket – perfect for you to write or print your menu onto!

Top Tip: If you are planning on typing and printing your stationery, cut your papers after printing to size.

You can go on to use the techniques in the wedding stationery project above to create a whole coordinating range for your big day – think favour boxes, invitations, place names and more!

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