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DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration: Easy Heart Wall Hanger

DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration: Easy Heart Wall Hanger

DIY Valentine's Day Decoration Wall Hanger Image

Decorate your home this Valentine’s Day with Becky Cole’s ‘LOVE’ Heart Wall Hanger. Follow Becky’s easy step-by-step tutorial to create this DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration yourself, then hang it in a place where your loved ones or special someone can admire it and  really feel the love!


2 - 3hrs

DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Tutorial

Step 1:

Felt hearts and letters to make a DIY Valentine's wall decoration

Using the printable templates, cut out your fabric shapes from felt as follows. If you have a Brother ScanNCut, scan in the templates and use them to cut out your shapes. If you don’t, you can use the templates to cut out the shapes by hand. If you would prefer to interface your shapes beforehand then do so before you cut them out. Cut out as follows:

  • Brown – 2 x large hearts, 1 x ‘V’
  • Deep pink – 2 x large hearts
  • Red – 2 x large hearts, 2 x small hearts
  • Cinnamon – 2 x large hearts, 1 x ‘O’
  • Pale pink – 2 x small hearts, 1 x ‘L’
  • Burgundy – 2 x small hearts, 1 x ‘E’

Step 2:

Felt hearts spelling out Love to make a Valentine's decoration

Using dark brown thread, applique the letters onto one of each of the large hearts using a zigzag stitch (or any applique stitch you prefer). Attach the pink ‘L’ to the brown heart, the cinnamon ‘O’ to the deep pink heart, the brown ‘V’ to the red heart, and the burgundy ‘E’ to the cinnamon heart.

Step 3:

Felt heart to make a Valentine's wall hanger DIY Valentine's heart with stuffingFelt heart adorned with the letter L

Place the large brown heart with the ‘L’ attached on top of the other large brown heart. Using the zigzag stitch, or whichever stitch you chose earlier, sew around the edge of the hearts leaving a small gap along one edge. Using some toy stuffing, fill the heart through this gap until it is as full as you desire. Place the heart pouch back under the sewing machine and stitch up the gap.

Step 4:

Homemade felt hearts spelling out 'love'homemade felt hearts to make a Valentine's decoration

Repeat step 3 with the other 3 large heart shapes and the three smaller hearts.

Step 5:

Twine decorated with felt balls to make a Valentine's decoration

Position your hearts in a line, placing the letters in order to spell ‘LOVE’ and alternating large hearts and small hearts. Next select which felt balls you want to use and position them in the line where you want to put them. Cut a 2m length of twine and tie a loop in one end. Thread the other end through a large-eyed needle. Now you will start to thread each item onto the twine in the order you have laid them out, starting from the bottom. To thread on the felt balls, push the needle through the centre of each ball. You will need to use some long-nose pliers to pull the needle all the way through due to the thickness of the twine. The balls should hold on the string in the places you position them.

Step 6:

Felt heart sewn onto twine to make a Valentine's decorationFelt heart attached to twine to make a Valentine's decorationFelt heart sewn onto twine to make a Valentine's Day decoration

Push the needle through the hearts, in at the bottom point and out through the top centre of the heart, pulling the needle through with the pliers as before. Make sure the needle enters and leaves towards the back of the heart. Position the heart where you want it to sit and then turn the heart over so you are looking at the back of it. Push the needle back into the top of the heart to create a little stitch. This will hold the felt heart in place and stop it slipping up or down the twine.

Step 7:

'Love' hearts Valentine's door hanger decoration

Repeat with the rest of the balls and hearts until you have threaded everything onto the twine. Form another loop knot at the top end, creating a larger loop than you did at the bottom. This is your hanging loop. Cut off any excess twine and voila! Your DIY Valentine's Day decoration is now complete... all you have to do now is decide where to hang it!

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