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Story Stones: Pocket-Sized Fun For Big Imaginations

Story Stones: Pocket-Sized Fun For Big Imaginations

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Here’s a fantastic project to help fire up little imaginations, without a screen in sight! These beautiful story stones are small enough to be slipped into your pocket before you head out to the park, or out for lunch, and will help provide an afternoon of fun. Use the story stones as prompts for creating your own fairytales; encourage little ones to reach inside the pouch and pull out a number of pebbles, then use the pictures on them to create their own story. How creative can everyone get with the story stones they’ve chosen? Check out Helen Kirkham’s step-by-step tutorial below, and learn how to create your own.

You Will Need:

How To Make Your Own Fairytale Story Stones

Step 1:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Using the paint pens, draw a boat, hot air balloon, shooting star, horse, ladder, map, fire, rainbow, clock, candle, letter and a book. one illustration on each of your stones.

DIY story stones tutorial step

Allow the paint to dry and then use the fine liner pen to outline the images. Allow that to dry and cover in Mod Podge as a sealant.

Step 2:

DIY story stones tutorial step

For the pouch, cut your fabric to measure 52 cm by 22 cm and fold in half.

Step 3:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Pin the two sides together at 2 cm  and 4 cm down from the top on both sides.

Step 4:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Sew down the two sides of the bag, leaving a gap on both sides using the pins as markers.

Step 5:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Remove the pins and turn the bag right side out. Fold the material down to the top of the gap and again to the bottom of the gap, to form the hem. Sew around the hem from the inside of the bag.

Step 6:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Attach a safety pin to the cord.

Step 7:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Thread the cord through the hole you have created all the way around to the other side and pull it all the way to the side you started at.

Step 8:

DIY story stones tutorial step

Repeat with more of the cord starting on the opposite side. Knot the cord pieces together on each side.

Step 9:

Completed drawstring bag

Pull each piece of cord outwards to create the pull string top of the bag.

Completed project in use

Your beautiful DIY story stones are now ready to provide pocket-sized fun on the go, and are bound to encourage little imaginations to grow!

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