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DIY Sea Shell Art: How to Transform Your Holiday Keepsakes

DIY Sea Shell Art: How to Transform Your Holiday Keepsakes

We all do it, don’t we? Whether you’re strolling along the beach with your dogs, building sandcastles with the kids, or soaking up some sun on your summer holiday… you always end up spying a pretty shell or two that you can’t resist picking up, or a gorgeous pebble that you think would be perfect for painting – once a crafter always a crafter… no matter how far away from your craft room you are! So at Create and Craft HQ, we thought why not put those beautiful beach finds to good use? And here to show you a couple of fantastic ideas on how to get crafty with them is our very own Sarah Millsop! Check out her gorgeous shell art projects below, and be inspired!

I have a little beach collection at home with some amazing starfish, huge shells, and rocks from my Mum’s recent holiday. This has inspired me to create a wearable piece. My sister is living out on the Cayman Islands for a while and my folks bring back some amazing finds, so I thought a little keepsake was in order, too! I’ve seen ‘embellished’ shells and ‘blinged up’ bathroom décor all over the shops and the internet, so I thought I’d give it a personal touch!

Keepsake Beachy Box Frame

These frames are really inexpensive, and a fantastic way to create bespoke home decor pieces.

I decided to embellish some of the shells, quite simply by running a line of glue along them (craft glue or glue gel) and sticking gems, crystals, and pearls to them. It gives such a great contrast to the natural finish, and adds a little sparkle! Who wouldn’t want more sparkle?

Remove the cardboard backing from the box frame but leave the mount in. This will allow you to pour sand into the cavity. Place the shells and keepsakes into the sand and stick your favourite holiday picture to the cardboard back before replacing.

Embellished Seashell Necklace

I created this necklace using a large intact shell. It’s a simple and quick make, and if you don’t have a necklace hoop to use, you could always thread it onto a chain or piece of ribbon.

This project requires a ribbon end or cord end to attach the wire to the shell and glue gel to secure the flattened ribbon end to the shell. I had to create a glue wall so that the end is fixed to enough of a surface area to secure it. It doesn’t look great from the inside, but if you’re gifting or selling your embellished seashell necklace, you could cover this with felt.

Read the Full Embellished Seashell Necklace Project Here!

You could use these techniques for so many objects, turning them into wearable memories and mixed-media projects. It’s a great way to cross over crafts and use some of your crafting stash in ways you may not have considered. Next time you’re on holiday, remember to keep an eye out for crafty treasures!

Do you have any beach treasures you’d love to incorporate into your crafts? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or on the blog below!

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