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DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations to Make at Home

DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations to Make at Home

Enjoying a rustic-style Christmas is all the rage right now – think forest finds, handmade decorations, and a wonderful woodland feel as you cosy up in front of the fire! But how can you easily achieve that stylish nod to a more Nordic style, whilst still indulging in the handmade Christmas that we crafters love so much? With these gorgeous DIY rustic Christmas decorations, of course! We sent Denise Holmes our wonderful wooden slices to decorate for the Christmas tree; check out her fun festive designs below, and discover just how easy it is to craft something perfect to add rustic charm to your home this Christmas!

Rustic Christmas Decorations Title

Time it Takes to Make: 2 hours, approximately

You Will Need:

How to Make Personalised DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations:

Step 1:

Rustic Christmas decoration tutorial step

Take the wooden discs and paint with a base coat, or gesso.

Rustic Christmas decoration tutorial step

Step 2:

Rustic Christmas decoration tutorial step

Once dried, paint in the colours of your choice.

Step 3:

Rustic Christmas decoration close-up

Once dried, choose your designs, and use a mixture of paint and pens to customise the wooden discs. Don’t worry if you’re not particularly creative… I am not very good at drawing, but found some images on the internet and used them to guide me as I created my DIY rustic Christmas decorations!

Chimney rustic Christmas decoration

Step 4:

Santa rustic Christmas decoration

I used glitter glue to add extra sparkles by dotting around the decorations and highlighting snowflakes, once the paint had dried.

Rustic Christmas decoration close-up

Step 5:

Ho Ho Ho rustic Christmas decoration

I also used white acrylic paint to draw snowflakes, and dot around as snow!

Step 6:

Baby's rustic Christmas decoration

Once all my discs had dried, I drilled some holes in the top, then threaded these with ribbon to hang on the tree! You could get really creative with your designs, and create a personalised decoration for each member of the family by adding their names, or stick with a traditionally festive theme and add simple snowflakes, cheeky Santas, pretty Christmas trees and more!

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