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Sarah Millsop’s DIY Ring Cone [With Printable Template]

Sarah Millsop’s DIY Ring Cone [With Printable Template]

If you’re a jewellery crafter (or simply a jewellery-lover!) you’ve no doubt got boxes of pretty accessories tucked away in cabinets and drawers. But have you ever considered displaying your jewellery, to make it easier to access… and prettier to look at? Our jewellery-expert Sarah Millsop has a simple yet ingenious solution to displaying rings, that is as gorgeous as it is easy-to-make! Check out Sarah Millsop’s DIY Ring Cone, and use her Template to create your own!


You’re far more likely to wear your jewellery if you can see it, rather than having to root through boxes and drawers to find something to go with your outfit.

There are lots of pretty jewellery display options when it comes to keeping necklaces and bracelets within easy reach… rings however can be tricky to display prettily. Plastic trays don’t do rings justice, but some of the marble and concrete ring stands available today can be incredibly costly!

So why not make the most of your own decorative card stash, and get creative? Here’s how to make your very own ring display cone – an effective yet inexpensive way to create a bespoke display for your handmade rings!

Full instructions on printing, embellishing and adapting your ring cone can be found here.  What kind of card will you use to create yours? Let us know in the comments below!