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DIY Rainbow Decor: A Use For Spare Yarn!

DIY Rainbow Decor: A Use For Spare Yarn!

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If you’ve a drawer full of colourful yarn that needs using up, but you’d like to try something a little different, how about this beautiful DIY rainbow decor project, created by Carla Bagshaw? Not only would this stunning rainbow make an eye-catching addition to a child’s bedroom or nursery, but it’s also a beautiful way to get involved with the rainbow trend currently sweeping the nation.

Time it Takes to Make: 2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

DIY Rainbow Decor Project:

Step 1:

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Take your pipe insulation and cut a piece to the size you want your rainbow to be (I used a 50cm piece). Then take some wire of the same length or slightly shorter (it needs to be heavy gauge so it will bend and hold its shape, and hold the pipe insulation in shape too). Cover the wire with pipe cleaners to add bulk. Insert the wire all the way through the centre of the pipe insulation, and bend to create your first arc.

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Step 2:

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Tie the end of your first colour of yarn to one end of your pipe insulation (tie it tight!)

Step 3:

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Begin winding the yarn tightly around the arc, making sure that no pipe insulation can be seen through the yarn. Continue until the whole arc is covered, and tie a tight knot to finish. Cut off the yarn.

Step 4:

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Take another piece of pipe insulation and bend it inside the first covered arc so that you can gauge the size you need. It should fit snugly inside, and the ends should match the ends of the first arc. Then repeat the above steps with your second coloured yarn. Repeat again to get your third arc.

Step 5:

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Use a hot glue gun to run glue along the outside edge of your second (middle) arc and push it inside the large arc. Hold it until firmly stuck. Repeat with the small arc so that all three are now stuck together forming the rainbow.

Step 6:

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Take your white yarn and pull out a long piece (about 50cm), loop the end of your yarn so that you double over the length. Keep doing this until you have around 20 lengths of yarn and then cut it from the ball of yarn.
Now lay out the lengths and form an M shape.

DIY rainbow decor tutorial step

Cut a small length of white yarn and tie the loops of the ‘M’ together.

Step 7:

Finished project

Place hot glue on one end of your rainbow arc (across all three colours) and carefully glue down your white yarn so it hides any pipe insulation still showing at the end of the rainbow arc. Repeat on the other side, to achieve a beautiful rainbow emerging from two fluffy clouds!

Once complete, you can hang your DIY rainbow decor directly onto a nail to create a stunning wall feature, or use ribbon to hang in a window. Either way, it’s sure to impress… and makes a fabulous way to put your yarn stash to good use in a new way!

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