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How to Make a Pop Up Box Card

How to Make a Pop Up Box Card

Crafting for newlyweds couldn’t be more fun – which is why we just love this quirky cardmaking project from Sarah Jackman-Read! Why make a run-of-the-mill wedding card, when you could create something as bold and beautiful as this show-stopping pop up box card? This clever card design ensures your handcrafted efforts will really stand out from the crowd – check out Sarah’s step-by-step instructions below, and discover exactly how to make this eye-catching wedding card yourself.

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Time to Make: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

You Will Need:

How to Make a DIY Pop Up Box Card:

Discover how to create a truly bespoke pop up box card that the newlyweds are sure to adore!

Step 1:

Pop up box card step one image

Trim the width of a sheet of cream card to 16cm, then score down the long side at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm. Turn the card 90 degrees, then score down the centre. With the thin “flap” on the right-hand side, trim off the top half of the flap to the centre point, then cut down the three remaining score lines along the top, to the centre line. Attach double-sided tape to the flap, fold the card to create a box, then fix the flap to the back.

Step 2:

Pop up box card step two image

Stand the box up, then fold the sides and front panels down. Trim three strips of cream card to 9cm x 1.5cm, then score down 1cm from each end. Fold the score lines, add double-sided tape to the ends, then attach evenly across the top of the box.

Step 3:

Pop up box card step three image

Trim pale pink card to 6cm x 15cm, layer on iridescent pink card, then attach to the back panel. Trim another six pieces of pink card to 6cm x 7cm, layer on iridescent pink card, then attach to the side panels and to the three flaps.

Step 4:

Pop up box card step four image

Place dark pink card into the embossing folder and run through your die-cutting machine. Repeat three times more, then lightly sand the embossed design to reveal the white core of the card (if your cardstock features an undyed core). Trim six pieces of the embossed design to 5.5cm x 6.5cm, then attach to the card panels. Trim another piece to 5.5cm x 14.5cm, and attach to the back panel.

Step 5:

Pop up box card step five image

Use the template provided to draw, then cut out, a church from cream card. Punch out a small heart in pink card, attach to the top of the church spire with a foam pad, then fix the church in place in the centre of the box.

Step 6:

Pop up box card step six image

Punch out or die-cut lots of hearts in cream card, pink glitter card, and pink iridescent card, then attach them to strips of acetate. Attach each heart across the centre and back of the card so the hearts look like they’re popping out of the box!

Step 7:

How to embellish your wedding card image

Die-cut the happy couple’s initials and an ‘&’ in cream card, then attach to the front panel with foam pads. Wrap silver ribbon across the front, then tie a silver bow and adhere on top. Finish with silver gems.

Finished wedding card image

And there you have it – your pop up box card is complete! Not just for weddings, this clever cardmaking design can be used to celebrate any occasion – think birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more! You can experiment with different colours and shapes, and get creative with a wealth of design variants for this one!

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