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DIY Planets for Kids: Space Crafting at Home!

DIY Planets for Kids: Space Crafting at Home!

Project titleIf you’ve a budding astronaut at home who’s currently fed up with being stuck indoors (let alone stuck on planet earth!) then we’ve a fantastic space-themed craft project that’s sure to kickstart their imaginations! These DIY planets for kids are not only a great way to learn about our solar system, but also a great way to work on developing their fine motor skills too. Download our free solar system printable sheet and work your way through the planets… or create your own unique and colourful galaxy and invent the aliens that live there! Either way, it’s a great opportunity to encourage the kids to get creative.

You Will Need:

How to Make DIY Planets for Kids:

Step 1.

DIY planets for kids tutorial step
Select two pots of silk clay in a set of coordinating colours. You could attempt to create one of the planets in our solar system, or craft something bold, beautiful, and entirely your own creation! Mix the two colours together to create a stunning marbled effect, and knead the clay until you’re happy with its appearance.

Step 2.

DIY planets for kids tutorial step

Now to create your planet! Grab a polystyrene ball, and cover it with your silk clay mix. It might help to roll the clay flat with a rolling pin first, then smooth it over the polystyrene bit by bit.

Step 3.

DIY planets for kids tutorial step

To enable you to turn your DIY planets into a hanging decoration, or even a full solar system mobile, push an eye pin into the polystyrene ball in the centre. you can then attach a thread to the top of this, and hang your planet however you wish!

Step 4.

DIY planets for kids tutorial step

Crafting Saturn? Then don’t forget to add the rings! We thing pearl clay creates a fantastic effect – and it’s really easy to add to your planet once your silk clay layer is complete.

Step 5:

Solar system printable sheet

Don’t forget to download and print our free Solar System worksheet for added inspiration as you work! You could cover up the names of the planets and see if your little ones can remember them, or select the planets one by one and challenge your mini helpers to create them in the correct colourscheme!

Step 6:

Completed project

Once your planets are complete, there’s nothing left to do but hang them up for all to see!

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