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Make Your Own Personalised Tote Bag

Make Your Own Personalised Tote Bag

Personalised Tote bags have so many uses… as well as making fabulous gifts in their own right, they’re also a super way to bundle goodies together for a special occasion or event. Preparing for a hen party? Why not present each bridesmaid with a little bag of party treats in their very own #TeamBride bag? Alternatively this fun bag could be used to hand out bridesmaid’s gifts on the big day itself! But the uses of this nifty little project needn’t be restricted to weddings alone… you could create a personalised tote bag as a birthday gift, a sports kit bag… or simply to carry your lunch to work in! The days of penning your name on a plastic bag are over… this gorgeous, glam, and totally reusable bag is the future… and the future’s looking fabulous!

Hen Party Project Title Image

You will need:

Time: 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate

How to Make a Personalised Tote Bag

Step 1:

Hen Party Project Tutorial image

Add the dress from the Scan and Cut stored images to your digital mat; resize it to 3.50 by 2.31 inches and cut three times out of a blue glitter sheet.

Step 2:

DIY Personalised Tote Bag Tutorial image

Add the word ‘Team Bride’ to your digital mat using in your chosen font. Weld the words together by overlapping each letter.

Step 3:

DIY Personalised Tote Bag Tutorial image

Then add the ‘#’ and centralise it vertically with the word ‘Team’ and group together. Place ‘# Team’ over the top of ‘Bride’ and centralise them horizontally and then group together. Resize to 5.50 by 7.15 inches.

Step 4:

DIY Personalised Tote Bag Tutorial image

Cut the words out of a pink glitter sheet.

Helen’s helpful hint: Take the blade depth up, and slow the cut speed down on your Scan and Cut – but before cutting the words, do a test cut to make sure you have your settings correct.

Step 5:

DIY Personalised Tote Bag Tutorial image

Iron the words and dresses onto your tote.

Helen’s helpful hint: Make sure to iron the bag before you start. Also, when you begin to iron the glitter sheets, remember to heat up the area before putting the images on as this will help it to stick to the tote.


Step 6:

DIY Personalised Tote Bag Tutorial image

With the fabric pens, draw a floral headdress above each dress. Create each flower in the headdresses, by adding six small dots in a circle, and one dot in the middle.

And there you have it – your Team Bride personalised tote bag is complete, and you are all set for your next hen party… or wedding!

# Team Bride bag project

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