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DIY Paper Pumpkins: Halloween Decorations to Scream About!

DIY Paper Pumpkins: Halloween Decorations to Scream About!

Carla Bagshaw’s Paper Pumpkins are adorable little decorations that make a boo-tiful addition to Halloween parties or ‘haunted’ houses. Craft your paper pumpkins in traditional orange or get creative and mix up the colours – there’s so much fun to be had with these DIY decorations, from crafting them to placing them around the house! Plus, they’re super-easy to make… the only difficulty will be deciding how many to make and stopping yourself from going pumpkin mad!

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Time it takes to make: 30 minutes per pumpkin

Skill level: Beginner

You will Need:

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Step 1:

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Cut two circles with approximately a 7cm radius. Then cut 8 strips of paper approximately 3cm wide.

Step 2:

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Lay one strip across the centre of the circle, gluing into place, then place one strip across this forming a cross. Continue gluing the strips evenly across so that you end up with a ‘sun’.

Step 3:

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Take both ends of the top strip and bring them together, glue with a slight overlap.

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Step 4:

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Continue to glue the strips over each other in the same way so that you create a sphere.

Step 5:

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Glue the top circle on top of the sphere so that it covers the glued ends.

Step 6:

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Take a sheet of green or brown tissue paper and roll it into a stalk shape, cut off the rough end so that it is even and glue it in place on the centre of the top circle.

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