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WOW Her This Mother’s Day With Sara Naumann’s Show-Stopping Card!

WOW Her This Mother’s Day With Sara Naumann’s Show-Stopping Card!

Mums work hard 365 days a year  – so it only seems right that on the one day of the year we dedicate to them, we should really push the boat out! And Sara Naumann has the perfect project to help you do just that. This stunning Couture Mother’s Day card is packed with die-cut dimension that’ll impress her far more than any off-the-shelf card you could pick up! Even better? This upscale design is fun and easy to make, too! Check out Sara’s step-by-step project along with her crafty top tips for achieving the perfect finish, below.

For a full list of everything you’ll need to create this stunning card, including Couture By Create and Craft By Invitation Only Collection Dies, check out the printable project right here.

Sara’s Top Tips:

Design Tip 1: I count on Cut Tidy for intricate dies. The static acetate means that those tiny, intricate cut-out pieces will cling on, keeping your workspace just that little bit tidier—and it also acts as a light shim, being the perfect thickness with intricate die designs. It means a perfect cut, every time!

Design Tip 2: Try this trick when cutting small elements like letters:

1. Trim the cardstock to just slightly larger than the die and secure in place with tape.

2. Turn the cardstock over and place strips of double-sided tape. Leave the liner on.

3. Die cut as normal. You’ll have a die-cut sticker element, easy to adhere!


Step 1:

Trim the card blank to x 18.5cm. Cut a piece of pink card slightly smaller, then glue to the card centre.

Step 2:

Die-cut two scallop corners from silver foil card, and two intricate corners from dark pink card. Layer the two, then glue each one to the card front, placing one at the top centre, and the other at the bottom centre.

Step 3:

Die-cut the large scallop frame from silver foil cardstock. Die-cut the large intricate frame from light pink, then layer the two. Glue to the card front.

Step 4:

Die-cut the small scallop frame from light pink, and the small intricate frame from dark pink. Layer the two together. Stick to the card front with foam tape.

Step 5:

Die-cut two intricate corners from light pink. Glue to the card front, placing one at the top and one at the bottom of the centre frame.

Step 6:

Die cut the simple label shape from silver foil cardstock.

Step 7:

Die cut the word “mum” twice: One from light pink card and again from dark pink card.

Step 8:

Glue the light pink letters to the label shape. Trim around elements from the dark pink letters and glue in place.

Step 9:

Add self-adhesive rhinestones and a bow to finish!

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