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DIY Moon Mirror: Create Galactic Home Decor

DIY Moon Mirror: Create Galactic Home Decor

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Bask in the silver glow of the moon all day long – by transforming a mirror into a spectacular lunar showpiece! Scour second-hand shops for a circular mirror and bring it back to life with just a few materials, and a little help from Penelope Quinn. Check out her step-by-step tutorial below, and discover how to create your own DIY moon mirror to add instant galactic charm to your home decor!

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DIY Crescent Moon Mirror Tutorial:

Step 1:

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

First, create a stencil for the mirror that you can use as a guide, and protect the rest of the mirror from sand and paint. Trace around the mirror onto the waxed paper, then use a pen tied to a string to draw a crescent moon. Cut this out, and stick the larger piece onto the mirror with a glue stick – you only need to stick the edges. Apply your first coat of white spray paint to the exposed mirror, which should now be in the shape of a crescent moon. Wait until dry.

Step 2:

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

Apply a thick coat of PVA glue with a large brush. Start to spoon on the sand, spreading it out as you go. Leave until dry (about 20 minutes) and shake off the excess sand. (Tip: You can speed this up with the hair dryer!)

Step 3:

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

Next, apply another layer of white spray paint and grey spray paint on top the sand – this is where you can start ‘shading’ your moon, by applying darker shades around the edge.

Step 4:

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

Once this is dry, lay a few lids of different sizes randomly around the crescent – these will be craters. Apply another good spray of adhesive, wait a couple of minutes, then spoon on more sand around the lids. Wait until dry.

Step 5:

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

With the lids still on, use more spray paint to shade the moon. You may like to use silver and black spray paint to really add depth and texture. Take some time, and really build up the colour to create the rough-looking surface of the moon. Leave for 30 minutes to set.

Step 6:

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

Peel off the paper, and leave at least another 6 hours to set. Finally, seal with clear spray paint.

DIY moon mirror tutorial step

Your DIY moon mirror is complete… now you can hang it pride of place, and talk to the man in the moon until the early hours!

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