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DIY Metallic Leaf Bowl

DIY Metallic Leaf Bowl

Penelope Quinn’s DIY Metallic Leaf Bowl is an easy craft that is perfect for autumn. Penelope created this bowl using only a few materials, and with this helpful how-to, you can do the same. Gather your supplies and follow this step-by-step to bring your own leaf bowl to life… we guarantee it’ll make a stylish addition to your dining table, living area or kitchen worktop!

metallic leaf bowl blog project image

Skill level: Beginner

You will Need:

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DIY Metallic Leaf Bowl Step-by-Step:

Step 1:

sprayed metallic leaves

First, spray paint your leaves. Apply two coats.

Step 2:

Mod Podge coated metallic leaves to make a bowl

Take your bowl, and apply a thick layer of Mod Podge to both sides of each leaf. Place your leaf inside your bowl.

Step 3:

Glued metallic leaves to make a bowl

Continue until you’ve glued all the leaves inside the bowl. If they don’t stick down straight away, don’t worry, just place them where you’d like them to go.

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Step 4:

blown up balloon placed within DIY metallic leaf bowl to help it take shape

Taped balloon within metallic leaf bowl to help it take shape

To help the leaves stick and take the shape of the bowl, use a balloon blown up to the size of the bowl and tape down. Leave for an hour, then remove the balloon so your leaf bowl can air dry. Leave over night. If there are bits of glue that still need to dry, use a hair dryer.

Step 5:

Once the bowl is completely dry, carefully peel away the leaves from the bowl using a knife.

Step 6:

Homemade metallic leaf bowl displayed with candles and pine cones

You’re done!

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