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Macrame Bracelet Tutorial: The Square Knot Made Easy!

Macrame Bracelet Tutorial: The Square Knot Made Easy!

Macrame bracelets – they’re gorgeous to look at, make fantastic gifts and friendship bracelets, and can be personalised to suit a range of looks and styles. What you may not know about these pretty jewellery must-haves, is that they’re super quick and simple to make, too! Once you’ve mastered the ever-so-easy square knot technique, you can create yourself bracelet after bracelet with ease – and these gorgeous macrame bracelets certainly do look fabulous when stacked up on your wrist! Check out jewellery expert, Sarah Millsop’s macrame bracelet tutorial below, and discover just how easy it is to create these gorgeous pieces!

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These bracelets are so simple and quick to make, comfortable to wear and look great stacked up! If you are selling or gifting your makes, these are one-size-fits-all, and providing you don’t use metal beads, can be good for people with sensitive skin who can’t wear metal jewellery – just use ribbons and cords!

Macrame Bracelet Tutorial:

You Will Need:

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Step 1:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Cut 30cm of cord, and secure vertically along your macramé board.

Step 2:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Cut a second piece of cord approximately 1m in length(once you are comfortable with the knots and your design, you can use less cord, and adapt the length for less wastage). Place the centre of the cord under your vertical piece, approximately a quarter of the way down the board.

Step 3:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Place the left side of the cord over the centrepiece, creating this number ‘four’ outline.

Step 4:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Now place the right side of the cord over the tail of the left. Keep the right cord on the right-hand-side of your centrepiece, as shown.

Step 5:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Take the tail of the right cord under the centrepiece and up into the loop of the ‘four’ on the left hand side.

Step 6:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Pull the tails on either side tightly, but be careful to keep the cord central. This will now give you HALF of your square knot. You will now need to repeat the process but in reverse….

Step 7:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

So take the right cord and place over the centrepiece leaving a reverse ‘four’ shape.

Step 8:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Place the left-hand cord over the piece you have just placed.

Step 9:

First square knot complete

Take that tail under the centrepiece and up through the loop on the right side. Pull tightly to secure your first square knot.

Now, repeat steps 3-9 until you achieve the desired length for your design.

Step 10:

Row of square knots

As you tie these knots, you will notice these side loops in the pattern. The side this loop forms on (pointed to in the image) is the side cord you begin with in our knots.

Step 11:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

You can pre-thread beads onto your centre cord to incorporate them in your design.

Step 12:

Adding beads

Slide a bead up to your knot pattern to position it.

Step 13:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Form the first part of your knot around the bead.

Step 14:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Pull tightly to hug around the bead, to hold it in place, but don’t pull so tightly that the bead sits proud of the cords… you just want it neatly tucked in!

You can continue the second part of your knot as normal, to finish.

Step 15:

Macrame bracelet tutorial step

Once you have achieved your desired length (I always knot to the width of my wrist, but leave 1 inch for the clasp), you can glue the ends of your cord, and trim once dry.

Take your centre thread, double it over and knot around the 2 pieces with one inch of knots. This will create a sliding clasp. Again, glue and trim the ends of your knotting cord to secure.

Add a bead to either side of your centre cord tails and knot at the bottom to secure.

Now you’ve come to the end of our macrame bracelet tutorial, you’ve learnt an easy way to use simple knots to create beautiful finishes… who will you make a gorgeous bracelet for next? You can add as much colour and detail as you wish with some fab beads too… the only limit is your imagination!

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