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How To Create Your Own Kintsugi Bowl

How To Create Your Own Kintsugi Bowl

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Kintsugi – or the art of making the broken beautiful again – is right on trend, and a great way to bring broken teacups and saucers back to life. But you don’t have to break a plate to have a go at this craft, as Penelope Quinn shows us here. Check out her step-by-step Kintsugi bowl tutorial below, and learn how to create a faux version using air dry clay!

You Will Need:

DIY Kintsugi Style Bowl

Step 1:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

First, roll out your clay so it’s slightly larger than your dish, and about 0.5cm thick. I like to lay down some baking paper so the clay doesn’t stick to my work surface, but you can also use a sprinkling of cornflower.

Step 2:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Use a pen knife to trace around the outside of the bowl, and remove the excess.

Step 3:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Smooth down rough edges with your finger and some water.

Step 4:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Use a wood block stamp to make a bold pattern on the clay.

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Press firmly so you get a deep impression.

Step 5:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Gently place the clay over the bowl, and work down the sides. Use more water and your finger to smooth out all the surfaces.

Step 6:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Use a pen or an embossing tool to carve a ‘cracked’ pattern into the bowl.

Step 7:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Leave overnight to dry. If it’s still damp after 24 hours, you can put it in your oven on very low heat for 10 – 20 minutes. When it’s dry, paint with two coats of blue paint.

Step 8:

Kintsugi bowl tutorial step

Next, take a fine paintbrush and paint gold into the ‘cracks’ we created earlier.

Step 9:

Finished project

Your crafting is complete! Once your project is dry, add your own decorative tealights to create a stylish centrepiece for your table, shelf or windowsill.

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