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Craft A Stunning Celestial DIY Incense Holder

Craft A Stunning Celestial DIY Incense Holder

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Warmer weather and alfresco entertaining is on its way, and this DIY incense holder is a pretty and practical addition to help keep the bugs at bay! Plus, you can use it indoors when the weather cools, to help create a cozy, Hygge atmosphere.

You Will Need:

How To Make A DIY Incense Holder

Step 1:

DIY incense holder tutorial step

First, roll out your air dry clay to around 1cm thick. Lay down a piece of baking paper to stop the clay sticking to your surface.

Step 2:

DIY incense holder tutorial step

Cut out a circle around 20cm in diameter. I used a saucer, but you could also use a compass. Cut another circle around 8cm in diameter, so it forms a crescent moon shape.

Step 3:

DIY incense holder tutorial step

Now it’s time to make a little pot to keep our spare incense sticks. Take a cardboard roll (I used one from the inside of some wrapping paper as toilet rolls were too big), and roll out enough clay to wrap around it. Cut the clay to size, and fold around the roll, sealing the end by scoring each end, and blending them together with some water and your finger.

Step 4:

DIY incense holder tutorial step

Place the roll on the crescent moon. Take a small sausage of clay, and blend this where the pot and moon meet. Smooth out.

Step 5:

DIY incense holder tutorial step

Cut a five-pointed star out of more clay (mine was around 1cm thick) and then pierce a hole in the middle with an incense stick.

Step 6:

DIY incense holder tutorial step

Let dry for at least 24 hours. Once completely dry, give a coat of dark blue paint, and spend some time sponging on white, silver, and black paint to achieve a celestial cloudscape. Use star stencils (I used stars cut from sticky back paper) and apply silver or gold paint. Finish with a few specs of silver and gold paint to look like distant stars.

Finished project

Once dry, apply a coat of clear sealer and your DIY incense holder is done!

Finished project close-up

Now you can pick your favourite scent, and set the scene for a cozy night on, or an evening in the garden.

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