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A DIY Halloween Wreath To Die For!

A DIY Halloween Wreath To Die For!

Every serious crafter knows that wreaths are not just for Christmas… but did you know they make a fantastic Halloween door decoration too?! Whilst celebrating all things ghostly and ghastly  is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK, the creative and crafty among you are looking for more and more fabulous Halloween decoration ideas… and so the ever-versatile wreath is back, and it’s looking more terrifying than ever! Check out the crafty Kelly Anne Jordan’s fantastic DIY Halloween wreath project below, and create your own spooky yet sensational Halloween door decoration in time for October 31st!

So you want to decorate your door with the spookiest DIY Halloween wreath on in the neighbourhood this Halloween? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is a fantastic way to decorate your door in preparation for the onslaught of hungry trick or treaters, plus you can tailor it to suit your style perfectly, choosing between bats, spiders, and haunting Halloween eyes!

Halloween Door Decoration – DIY Halloween Wreath:

Time it Takes to Make: 1-2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

You Will Need:

Step 1:


First you will need to create your wreath base. I have cut mine out using my scanNcut, but if you do not have a scanNcut, you can draw around a large plate for the outer circle and a small plate for the inner circle, to make your ring. You will need a craft knife to cut your circles out of your construction board.

If you are using the scanNcut there are basic shapes you can use, such as a circle.

To make your ring using your ScanNCut:

  • Open a new project; go to basic; in the drop-down list of basic shapes, you will find a circle.
  • Copy 2 circles into your project screen.
  • Circle 1 will need to be almost the size of your mat, Circle 2 will need to fit inside Circle 1; this creates a ring. (To ensure your circles are central and aligned, you can use the editing tools.)
  • Once you are happy with the size of your ring, send it to your scanNcut machine and cut. (Do remember to do a test cut, as construction board is much thicker than ordinary card.)

Step 2:

Now you have you wreath ring, you need to cut or rip your fabric into strips about an inch wide, and long enough to tie around your wreath ring. I have made mine very tatty and uneven, as I feel it creates a fabulous Halloween effect!

Start wrapping and tying your white fabric around your wreath ring. I have tried to keep this fairly tidy, as the organza fabric is going to sit over the top of your white fabric. Once you have finished with your white fabric, lay your LED lights around the front of your wreath. Now use your organza strips to tie your LED lights in place. You can hold the battery pack in place using a glue gun and a strip of organza.

Step 3:

You now have a choice on how you want to decorate your wreath! Here are some options…

Option 1:

Using three circle punches or dies, you can create some Halloween eyes.

You will need: white card, black card and coloured card of your choice; I have used blue for this demonstration.

  • Using your largest circle punch (I have used a 2” punch) cut out the white of the eye.
  • Next cut out the colour of your eye (I have used a 1.1/2” punch).
  • Now, with your smallest punch, cut out the black part of the eye.
  • Lastly, use a fine tip red marker to create veins on the eye.
  • Finally, glue the layers together to create your eye!

Option 2:

If you are using a brother ScanNCut, you will have access to free Halloween cutting files. I have cut out spiders and bats, using black card. (Do remember to do a test cut first!)

For my final design, I decided to use the spiders. I have attach them using a glue gun, and for a fabulous finishing touch, I have used a piece of white twine to add a spider hanging from the bottom of the wreath!

To finish, take a longer strip of organza and tie it to the top of your wreath, so you can hang it on your door!

Now sit back and wait for the trick or treaters to arrive… and see if they dare to knock!


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