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Debbie Shore’s DIY Halloween Treat Bag

Debbie Shore’s DIY Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween is all about trick or treating… and what better way to prepare your little ghoul or goblin for a hard night’s doorbell-ringing than with this homemade treat bucket? It looks fantastic completed… and even better full of sweets! Check out Debbie Shore’s simple step-by-step project below, and discover how to create your own Halloween Treat Bag in just five easy steps!

This fantastic DIY Halloween Treat Bag makes collecting up all those treats and sweets easy – as well as adding a super spooky finish to any Halloween costume! After all… what self-respecting terror doesn’t accessorize with a bucket of blood, on the most spooktacular night of the year?! Read Debbie Shore’s simple project below, and learn exactly how to make your own Halloween Treat Bag in time for October 31st!

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Materials Needed:

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Step 1:

Cut a length of Foam Stabiliser measuring 15″ x 5″. Next, take the two red felt squares and cut a wavy line through the centre of each, as shown in the picture, to resemble drips. Cutting out a few teardrop-shaped pieces to add can look great, too! For added accuracy, you can draw this first with an erasable ink pen if you wish. Once cut out, glue these strips and drips to the top of the  Foam strip.

Step 2:

Take your embellished strip of Foam Stabiliser and glue the short ends together to make a tube. Once the glue is dry, stitch this seam with black embroidery thread; using uneven stitches will give it a fantastic ‘Frankenstein’ look!

Step 3:

Now to create a base. Cut a 5″ circle of foam stabiliser and hand-sew this to the bottom of the tube (the end without red felt) with black embroidery thread, in the same primitive way.

Step 4:

To add a handle, cut a length of foam stabiliser measuring 10″ x 1″. Hand-sew each end of this to either side of the bucket rim with a cross stitch. To make the spider, cut out a piece of black felt in a ‘snowman’ shape (two overlapping circles) measuring about 3″ long. Hand-sew around the edge of the larger circle with a running stitch, and pull this to gather the edges slightly.

Step 5:

Glue this to one side of the bucket using your fabric glue, then sew four legs to each side, leaving the embroidery thread raised slightly for a 3D effect. Now, you’re officially ready for Halloween… get on your costume and start trick-or-treating!

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