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Craft Your Own Spooktacular Halloween Lantern!

Craft Your Own Spooktacular Halloween Lantern!

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Make your own spooktacular Halloween lantern, perfect for adding an eery glow to window sills this October! This fun project is perfect for encouraging the little ones to get creative in the run-up to Halloween,  and will help to light the way for trick or treaters, too. Check out Shabneez Khan-Muztar’s step-by-step tutorial below, to learn how to craft your own.

You Will Need:

DIY Halloween Lantern:

Step 1:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Cut some orange tissue paper into rough rectangles with scissors.

Step 2:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Take an empty water bottle and cut off the top using scissors. Make up a mixture of 1 part PVA glue and 2 parts water. Use this glue mixture with a brush to stick the tissue paper to the bottle. Cover the bottle with one layer then let it dry and repeat with a second layer.

Step 3:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Once your bottle has been covered with two layers, take some wool and wrap it around the bottle and knot to add texture to your project.

Step 4:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

To make the bat fold a sheet of paper in half and draw half the bat image so your get a symmetrical bat and cut out with scissors.

Step 5:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Use the bat template you have created to draw around on thin black card.

Step 6:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Cut out your bats and stick on googly eyes. Go around the edges of the bats with a white gel pen with some faux stitched lines to make them stand out.

Step 7:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Die cut 3 stars from silver card.

Step 8:

Halloween lantern tutorial step

Stick a bat to the largest star. Adhere the die cut word ‘SPOOKY’ from white card to the top of the star.

Step 9:

Finished project

Stick the bats and stars on the bottle and repeat on the back. Add a battery operated tealight to the bottle.

Now your Halloween lantern is complete, it’s time to dim the lights, and put it to the test!

Finished project in use

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