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DIY Halloween Crafts: Make Your Own Halloween Jars!

DIY Halloween Crafts: Make Your Own Halloween Jars!

Whether you’re throwing a big Halloween party, or just after ideas on how to add some frighteningly good Halloween decor to your doorstop this year, these fantastic DIY Halloween jars are just the ticket. Created by none other than our fabulously crafty Sarah Cawood (with a little help from her little helping hands!) these Halloween jars provide the perfect way to cast an eery glow over proceedings this October 31st. Check out Sarah’s full Halloween decor tutorial below, and discover exactly how to go about creating your own Halloween crafts!

Halloween Jars by Sarah Cawood:

I LOVE Halloween… I’m literally a MONSTER for all things All Hallows (pun very much intended!) and I love crafting at Halloween too. I can’t bear all the plastic tat in the shops, and definitely prefer a higher class of spooky ornamentation. I often spend hours trawling Etsy for classy ceramics, but in order to buy everything I want, I’d need to remortgage so, oftentimes, I need to get creative myself.

There are LOADS of ideas out there, and I came across this one in a really fabulous interiors magazine that I buy every month.  It’s simple, thrifty, really effective, and easy enough to let Small Hands help with too!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Tear some small pieces of tissue paper and get cracking with the decoupaging. You’ll have to be a bit careful when applying the paper, as it’s so thin, it tears easily.

It doesn’t matter if you have a couple of layers, but you don’t want too many or your LED flame won’t be visible when it’s lit.

Step 2:

Once your jars are all covered and dry, start decorating!

If, like me, your art skills are a bit lacking, just get on Pinterest for some inspo, and copy away!

Just a note when using your paint pens: because your painting surface is uneven, they sometimes “flick” specks of paint while you’re drawing. I found that if I took my time, it minimized the amount of times this happened.

Step 3:

Once your decorative Halloween jar designs are complete, simply leave them to dry, then add an LED candle inside when you’re ready to use them!

I was so thrilled with how my Halloween decorations turned out, and they got the Small Person seal of approval too. We are going to use them to line our path on Halloween so the visiting throng of Trick or Treaters can see their way to the door!


I’m on a roll now! Next up, I’m going to make some felt bat decorations and some velvet pumpkins. I doubt I’ll manage to get them all done in time for the actual day though… I must remember to start my Halloween preparations in August next year!!

Happy Crafty All Hallows’ Eve, everyone!