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DIY Mother’s Day Paper Gift Boxes

DIY Mother’s Day Paper Gift Boxes

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Looking for the perfect gift box for that special Mother’s Day present? Shabneez Khan-Muztar shows you how to create your own DIY Mother’s Day paper gift boxes, and it’s easier than you might think! Shabneez says: “Create these cute boxes perfect for those special Mother’s Day gifts simply by cutting out the template and folding. Use ribbon to close the boxes, so there’s no glue or tape required either! I’ve used card in my project but for my trial, I used paper which worked just as well, plus you can just fold it!” Follow Shabneez's tutorial below to create your gift box, then get creative with embellishments!

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DIY Mother's Day Paper Gift Boxes Tutorial:

Step 1:

DIY Mother's Day paper gift box template

Print then cut out the template and draw around it on cardstock of your choice. If you use a lighter weight of card or paper, you can just fold along the lines without scoring.

Step 2:

DIY paper gift box cut-out for Mother's Day

With a ruler and pencil, draw in the lines. It makes it easier to fold/score.

Step 3:

ruler and template to make a DIY paper gift box for Mother's Day

Using a ruler and score tool score over all the pencil lines. If you’re using a lightweight card or paper, you can just fold along the lines.

Step 4:

Mother's Day cut-out and scored paper gift box

Once scored, make holes either with a punch or a pencil as per the template.

Step 5:

Mother's Day DIY paper gift box

Thread ribbon through the holes.

Step 6:

DIY paper gift box tied with ribbon for Mother's Day

Pull to form the pyramid and make sure the tabs are tucked inside. Tie a bow to finish.

Step 7:

DIY Mother's Day paper gift boxes

Embellish as you wish with stickers or gems like I have, to make them look extra special!

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