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DIY Fridge Magnets – Rustic Charm for Your Kitchen!

DIY Fridge Magnets – Rustic Charm for Your Kitchen!

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These DIY fridge magnets are a fantastic way to add rustic charm to any kitchen – be it at Christmas, or any other time of the year! Crafted using our charming mini wooden discs, these magnets provide the perfect way to keep your favourite photos, the children’s scribbles, and that all-important shopping list always in sight. Check out Tracey Collett’s step-by-step tutorial below, and discover how to get creative with pyrography, stamps, inks and more, to craft bespoke gifts for friends… or treats for yourself!

1 hour

Beginner to Intermediate

How to Make DIY Fridge Magnets

Step 1 :

Supplies you will need

Begin by preparing your designs. There are 2 ways to create these magnets; if you are a confident free-hand artist, then you can draw your designs in pencil first, or be really bold and dive straight in with your pyrography tool!

Using stamps to create designs

If you less confident with drawing, then a very easy way to get around this is to use stamps. I have used memento black ink to stamp the image on to the wooden discs - you can then trace over the top with the pyrography tool.

Tip: Always test your wood with the pyrography tool first, as there are different types of wood on the market and they can react very differently when heated. A smooth wooden disc is also better for a smooth burn, so if your discs are quite course then maybe give them sand down with sanding paper before you begin.

Step 2:

Using pyrography to decorate DIY fridge magnets

Once your Pyrography tool is at the optimum temperature (test on a spare disc first) you can now start to trace, draw or fill the images you have designed on the discs.

Decorating DIY fridge magnets

I’ve created a mixture of sentiments and solid shapes. Some tools have multiple nibs which you can interchange for different techniques such as line thickness and shading etc. (please remember to allow the tool to cool to change the nibs, and then reheat!)

Pyrography in progress

If you create an outline (like the holly) you can then add colour using markers or paint if you wish. Once finished, always remember to allow the tool to completely cool down.

Fully decorated DIY fridge magnets

Tip: Have a heat resistant matt handy for placing the tool on whilst cooling, and remember, if allowing children to have a go they must always be supervised, as the tool gets exceptionally hot - especially if used for long periods of time!

Step 3:

Supplies needed to attach magnets

Once the wooden discs have cooled, they are ready to be converted into magnets. I’ve used All-Stick glue from Pinflair, which is a glue-gun style adhesive in a bottle, to adhere the magnets to the wooden discs.

Backs of DIY fridge magnets

Allow plenty of time for the glue to set (overnight ideally, to ensure they are stuck firm).

Completed DIY fridge magnets in use

Once dry, your magnets are ready to add instant charm to your fridge! Or you could box them up in mini gift boxes to give as gifts – perfect for teachers!

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