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DIY Felt Heart Wreath: A Truly Heartfelt Project!

DIY Felt Heart Wreath: A Truly Heartfelt Project!

Fall in love with this gorgeous heart wreath, created by the lovely Becky Cole! Beautifully bursting with layered felt flowers, it's the perfect way to add eye-catching craftiness to your home! Hang it on your front door or add it to bedrooms, cupboard doors or even in a blank spot on the wall! What better way to inject a room with bold and beautiful colour... as a well as a healthy dose of love?! Grab your free templates right here and follow Becky's step-by-step tutorial below to recreate your own heart wreath; you could create it in a different colourscheme to match your own home decor, or even give it as a gift to a much-loved friend.

2-3 hours


Felt Heart Wreath Tutorial

Step 1:

Supplies needed

Using the printable templates, cut out your fabric shapes as follows. If you have a Brother Scan n Cut, scan in the templates and use this to cut out your shapes. There is an alternative circle shape option if you are hand cutting your shapes and would prefer a simpler shape to cut out. Cut out as follows:

  • Large flower/circle – 33 x red felt, 33 x dark red felt
  • Medium flower/circle – 33 x red felt, 33 x dark red felt
  • Small flower/circle – 33 x red felt, 33 x dark red felt

Cut out some additional small flowers/circles if you are able, as these will come in handy later on.

This number will cover a 25cm wreath. If you are using a smaller wreath base, you will need fewer flowers and may even want to exclude the largest size shapes. If you are using a larger wreath, you will need to cut more shapes.

Step 2:

Individual felt flowers

Layer up your flowers/circles as pictured – large red/medium dark red/small red, large dark red/medium red/small dark red. You should have 33 of each flower group. Push a decorative pin through the layers of felt to make the centre of your flowers.

Step 3:

Heart wreath tutorial step

Using the flower groups with the large red flower at the base, create a line of flowers around the top of the heart wreath, pushing the diamante pins into the polystyrene. Make sure to start at the centre and work symmetrically around. This will take approximately 14 flower groups.

Step 4:

Heart wreath tutorial step

Next, using the dark red flower-based flowers, create a line of flowers either side of the line of flowers you have already made. Try and stagger the flowers so that they fill in the gaps between the flowers in the first layer. The inside layer will use approximately 12 flower groups and the outside line will require approximately 19 flower groups.

Step 5:

Heart wreath tutorial step

Next, using the red based flower groups, place a line along the outer most line of flowers, taking care to position them so that they fill in any gaps and hide the polystyrene beneath. This line of flowers will curve over towards the back of the wreath and will take approximately 19 flower groups.

Step 6:

Heart wreath tutorial step

Cut a length of twine 12” long. Fold it in half and tie a chunky knot in the bottom to create a loop. Turn your wreath over so you are looking at the back and position the knot at the top centre of the wreath. Place one of the additional small felt shapes over the knot a push a diamante pin through the felt and the knot into the polystyrene underneath.

Step 7:

Heart wreath tutorial step

Hang up the wreath and look at it from all angles. If you can see any patches of polystyrene, use the additional small flower shapes you cut and pin them into the spaces so that the wreath is completely hidden once it is hung on the wall.

Finished project

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