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DIY Fairy House For The Garden: Add A Touch of Magic!

DIY Fairy House For The Garden: Add A Touch of Magic!

Finished the strawberry jam? Wait – don’t throw out that jar! If you love nothing more than a gorgeous upcycling project to get stuck into, then we’ve a magical treat in store for you. Carley Duff has turned a plain and simple jar into a beautiful little DIY fairy house… and she’s shared exactly how she did it, with us! Check out her tutorial below, and be inspired to add a touch of magic to your own home or garden with this pretty little project.

Upcycling project: glass jar toadstool

You Will Need:

DIY Fairy House – Step-by-Step Project:

Step 1:

DIY fairy house image

Begin by using your clay to cover the lid of the jar, making sure it is fully covered (including the lip!) Once this is fully covered, you can roll small balls of clay, and flatten them onto the lid to create the raised spots.

Top Tip: When creating circles out of clay, try using a cookie cutter for a perfect finish!

Continue onto the doors, windows and toadstools, which can be created freehand, or using a mould. When making these, remember to mould them onto the surface of the glass jar before you leave them to dry, so that they are the correct shape for adhering onto the jar once ready.

Once all your shapes have been created, and curved around the glass jar for shaping, leave them to dry fully overnight (for a minimum of 8 hours).

Step 2:

Now your DIY fairy house decorations are ready to paint! Use a premium acrylic paint ( this stops chipping, and ensures a quality coverage with just one coat), and prepare your work area beforehand, ensuring you have multiple brushes to hand, as well as a properly covered work surface.

Step 3:

Upcycling project: glass jar toadstool image

When painting the door, mix your colours with a pallet knife gently, rather than using multiple shades of brown separately. This helps to create those subtle tone variations as you paint, so you can achieve a realistic wood effect quickly and easily. Remember to use very small brushes to add intricate detailing, and build shading and other colour variations layer by layer.

Step 4:

DIY fairy house image

Now it’s time to paint the toadstools! Begin by painting the red tops, and allowing these to dry fully before adding the white spots. When you paint the stalks, begin by deciding which direction your light source is, so you know how to colour and shade each stalk appropriately. Once you know this, begin with black paint on the opposite side, then blend this through to a tan colour at the side of the light source.

Step 5:

Upcycling project: glass jar toadstool

Now to add the grass to the glass jar itself! Take a dry brush, and dip it in your green acrylic paint. Begin at the bottom of the jar, and flick the brush upwards to produce wispy stalks of grass. Continue all the way around the jar in this way, until the base is fully painted, then allow 30 minutes for the paint to dry.

Step 6:

Now that everything is dry, you can put your DIY fairy house together! Adhere the individual clay elements to the jar using a hot glue gun, and leave to dry. Once this is complete, all that’s left to do is decide exactly where you’ll be standing your gorgeous new decoration!

DIY fairy house image

You could add a tealight to your DIY fairy house and keep it indoors, or you could nestle it among the flowerbed in your back garden… and see if any fairies move in!

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