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DIY Embroidery Quote for Autumn [Free Templates & Stitch Guide!]

DIY Embroidery Quote for Autumn [Free Templates & Stitch Guide!]

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The colour palette that comes with autumn is one of our favourites, full of warm hues and gorgeous golden shades that always make us feel super cosy at Create and Craft HQ – which is why this latest embroidery project from Kelly Anne Jordan is a must-make for the season (if we do say so ourselves). Recreate this lovely embroidery quote and make it a part of your seasonal fall decor, bringing the colours of autumn into your home as a celebration of its beauty!

Kelly Anne Jordan’s DIY Autumn Embroidery Tutorial:

This pretty project is a great way to add autumnal vibes to your home; and is  perfect for all crafters  – even those new to hand embroidery. You can download a full beginners’ stitch guide here to guide you through each of the stitches used, plus download a printable pattern template here, to help you recreate this project.

Skill level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Cut a piece of fabric measuring 26” x 10”. Fold in half widthways.

Step 2:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Print the template, and trace onto one side of your fabric with an erasable fabric marker. I have added some free hand lines, leaves and petals, to add interest to the piece.

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Step 3:

To help keep the piece taught and make it easier to work on, place the fabric into an embroidery hoop. As you finish an area, reposition the hoop.

Step 4:


Embroidery quote tutorial step

Print the stitch guide and keep it handy as you work through the design. I have used the back stitch for the words “Autumn knows” and “it gives”, and also for the tree branch and leaves.

I have used the chain stitch for the words “a mother’s” and a long straight stitch for the lines around these words.

I have used the satin stitch for the words “heart” and “let’s go”, and the stem stitch for the words “and then”.

I have used a lazy daisy stitch for the petals, and a french knot for the branch leaves, and fullstops.

Step 5:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Once the stitchwork is complete, remove the fabric from the hoop and iron out any pattern marks.

Step 6:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Fold your banner piece right-sides-together so all of the design is on the inside. Sew 1/4” from the side, all the way around to the other side, leaving a gap in one long straight edge for turning, and the top fold un-sewn.

Step 7:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Trim any corners and points then turn the right way through the gap, and press flat.

Step 8:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Sew along the top edge, roughly 1 1/4” from the fold, creating a channel for your mounting stick. Then top stitch all the outer edges for neatness.

Step 9:

Embroidery quote tutorial step

Insert your mounting stick and add twine to each end for hanging – and your gorgeous autmnal embroidery quote is complete and ready to hang!

Embroidery quote tutorial step

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