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Keep The Family Busy With This Pretty DIY Easter Basket!

Keep The Family Busy With This Pretty DIY Easter Basket!

DIY Easter Basket title

If you're looking for a creative way to keep the children entertained this Easter, then why not set up an egg hunt in the garden? It's a fantastic way to get the little ones outdoors, and if you're really clever with your hiding spots, it'll keep them entertained for a while! Of course, if your little ones are expert egg-seekers then why not add the crafty task of making their own Easter basket to collect all their treasures in? Shabneez Khan-Muztar has crafted this gorgeous papercraft basket that's as pretty as it is practical... you can keep it and use it as an eye-catching Easter decoration once all the chocolate's been enjoyed!

Step-by-Step Easter Basket Tutorial

Step 1:

Easter basket tutorial step

Take a sheet of red 12” x 12” double sided paper and score at ¾”, 4”, 8” and 11 ¼”. Turn the paper 90 degrees and score again using the same measurements.

Step 2:

Easter basket tutorial step

Cut the corner strips off all four sides and cut from the bottom to the centre score line at an angle so as to create a tab as shown.

Step 3:

Easter basket tutorial step

Add double sided tape to the 4 rectangles in the corners, as shown.

Step 4:

Stick together one side and then the other to form a box shape.

Easter basket tutorial step

Step 5:

Decorative paper strips

Cut 6 strips out of coordinating double sided paper 1” x 11”.

Step 6:

Scoring each strip

Score each of the strips at 3 ½” and 7 ½”.

Step 7:

Easter basket tutorial step

Add glue to the centre of each strip and stick on to the bottom of the box, sticking the two on the sides first, then the one in the middle.

Step 8:

Easter basket tutorial step

Add glue to the top of each strip and stick to the top of the box; you’ll see it automatically bows out, giving the beautiful shape!

Step 9:

Easter basket tutorial step

Repeat steps 7 and 8 across the other way.

Step 10:

Easter basket tutorial step

Add glue to the tabs around the box and stick down. I added ribbon on top to decorate further.

Step 11:

Making the handle

To make the handle, cut a piece of double sided paper 12” x 1”. I stuck ribbon to the middle of mine to match the ribbon on the edge of the basket.  Adhere to the sides of the basket with double-sided tape or a hot glue gun.

Step 12:

Completed project

Embellish the handles with ribbon made into bows, and stick with a hot glue gun... and your beautiful Easter basket project is complete. Now there's nothing left to do but get out into the garden and hide some Easter treats for your little ones to find and fill it with!

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