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Doll Carrier Pattern: The Perfect Spot for Tiny Pals!

Doll Carrier Pattern: The Perfect Spot for Tiny Pals!

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Creating cute doll or toy accessories can be a great way to use your creativity! A small toy bag that holds its shape could be a lovely gift, or even a nice way to keep your own old friend. In order to make it you don’t need any special interfacings – regular thick felt will do the job! Check out Anna Jay’s awesome doll carrier pattern below, and have a go at making your own.

You Will Need:

DIY Doll Carrier Pattern:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

In order to make a pattern, measure the height, width and thickness of the toy. To measure the thickness, put it on a table on its back and measure the “tallest” point. Add ⅜” to those numbers. Use height and width (plus ⅜”) for the front and back pieces. Simply draw a rectangle and smooth out the corners to make them round. That’s your back and front pattern pieces.

Make a round window on the front one by placing a piece on the toy, and seeing how big the window should be and where to locate it. When you cut details from the fabric, add a 0.39 inches seam allowance.

To make the sides, start with the zipper pieces. Use your zipper length for the length of the pieces, and thickness of the toy measuring with ⅜” extra for the width, and then divided by two (since you need two pieces).

Now measure the front bag piece all around it. Reduce the measuring by the length of the zipper. The number you get is what you need for the length; the width is the thickness of the toy measuring with ⅜” extra.

For the strap, measure the desired the length and add about 4 inches for the width.

Don’t forget to add the seam allowance around all of the sides of all pieces. As for the felt pieces, they should be cut with no seam allowance.

Step 1:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Prepare the zipper. For that, you’ll need to fold in a seam allowance on both top and lining pieces, place the lining piece wrong side on the wrong side of a zipper, wrong side on the right side of the zipper, carefully placing the felt piece under the seam allowance. Topstitch in place.

Step 2:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Create a strap (if your fabric is too thin and you want to use interfacing, apply it according to its instructions) by folding the piece in a half wrong side together. Press, fold the sides again to the created crease, pressing again and finally folding one last time. Pin in place and stitch along the edge.

Step 3:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Start finishing the sides by securing the strap in place. Put in in the centre of the zipper, aligning the seam allowances. Stitch in place and repeat on another side.

Step 4:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Place the main fabric piece of the side part on the zipper piece, right sides together, aligning seam allowances. At the bottom of this sandwich, put the lining part with the felt. Repeat on another side and turn inside out.

Step 5:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Now prepare the back and front pieces. Put the back main fabric piece, right side down, and place felt on it. Now put the lining piece on them, right side up. Stitch around the edges to secure in place (easier with a machine zipper foot). Work on the front piece by placing the lining and main fabric pieces right sides together and stitching the circle.

Step 6:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Fold the front piece in half to make it easier to cut the circle out. Cut it completely out, leaving a small seam allowance, and clip it all around.

Step 7:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Start turning the pieces to the right side by pushing one of them through the circle. If you see any wrinkles, just clip a bit more as described in the previous step.

Step 8:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Before pressing the pieces, put the felt piece in between the lining and main fabric. Secure by stitching all around the edges.

Step 9:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Take the front piece and the side piece. Right sides together, pin them together all around the edges. Stitch in place using a zipper foot. Repeat with the back piece in exactly the same way. You should end up with a bag that’s inside out.

Step 10:

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

Attach the bias biding tape on the seam allowance. Press them to make them thinner. Now you can open the zipper and turn the bag inside out. That’s it – you’ve finished creating your doll carrier and the pattern is complete. It’s ready to put to good use!

Doll carrier pattern tutorial step

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