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DIY Dog Leash: Use Up Your Sewing Scraps!

DIY Dog Leash: Use Up Your Sewing Scraps!

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We just love this fantastic little sewing project from Anna Jay – it’s the perfect way to put all those mismatched fabric scraps to good use! This DIY dog leash can be created with a handful of multi-coloured scraps, to make a fun and colourful accessory for your four-legged friend! Check out the step-by-step tutorial below, and learn how to sew your own.

You Will Need:

For a narrow 5/8” x 79.53 inches wide leash:

Supplies you will need

Step 1:

DIY dog leash tutorial step

Using a 0.39 inch seam allowance, sew the fabric pieces together in a long, long strip. Press the seams open.

DIY dog leash tutorial step

Step 2:

Cut the strips of your interfacing and apply them, leaving about 0.39 inches from both ends without it. You don’t have to cut just one long piece of interfacing – you can cut 2 or 3 and simply overlap them a bit while applying them.

Step 3:

DIY dog leash tutorial step

Fold in the ends and press. Now, fold the long strip in half lengthwise and press, open it and press the long edges to the centre. Fold in half one more time and press.

Step 4:

DIY dog leash tutorial step

Topstitch along both edges.

Step 5:

DIY dog leash tutorial step

Slide the clip onto the strap. Fold the end of the strap over and topstitch it by creating a square with an “X” inside it. Repeat with the other end – create the handle in your desired size, and topstitch in the same way.

Completed sewing project

Your DIY dog leash is ready…. did someone say ‘Walkies’ ?!

Completed sewing project

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