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A Creative New Storage Solution from Stamps Away!

A Creative New Storage Solution from Stamps Away!

Apparently, a messy desk is a sign of genius! So if you’re a bit of a genius at work when it comes to crafting, this fantastic little kit from Stamps Away might be just the thing you’re after to restore a little order to your otherwise chaotic craft desk! The bonus? It’s a fabulously fun craft project in its own right! And the perfect excuse to create plenty of mess BEFORE you knuckle down to getting organised…

Check out how the lovely Ali Reeve got creative with Stamps Away’s MDF Desk Organiser in the name of tidiness, and follow her step-by-step instructions below to achieve exactly the same finished results!

You Will Need:

Step-Step Instructions:

Step One: Make up the desk organiser following the kit instructions.

Step Two: Using the delicate script mask, apply texture paste to both sides of the unit.

Step Three: Mix equal parts of cornflour and PVA glue into a paste, and apply to the thin front panel of the unit, through the Mandela mask.

Step Four: Allow the texture pastes to dry fully, if you use a heat gun to speed up the drying, the pastes may bubble.

Step Five: Meanwhile, use the Mandala mask to emboss some craft metal, which you can cut to the shape of the drawer fronts.

Step Six: Once the pastes are fully dry, paint over the whole unit with black gesso.

Step Seven: Once dry, glue embossed metal to the drawer fronts and apply gilding waxes to the textured areas of the unit.

Step Eight: Fill with all your crafty bits, and place on your desk!

This is just one way to decorate this incredible new MDF Desk Organiser Kit– the possibilities are endless! You could decorate it to give as a gift, or style it to fit perfectly with your own home decor! Order your kit today, and create something as practical as it is gorgeous!

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