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DIY Couple Jackets: A Gift for ‘The One’

DIY Couple Jackets: A Gift for ‘The One’

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What with everything 2020 has served up, there are a lot of us who have been left disappointed by postponed weddings, or pared-back ceremonies. But have heart, for true love conquers all… and in true crafty style, the lovely Becky Cole is here with a creative way you can show the world that you’re one half of a perfect pair. These super loved-up couple jackets can be decorated however you please, and will be a must-pack for the honeymoon!

Time to Make: 4-5 hrs

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

DIY Couple Jackets

Step 1:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Print off your template and cut it out using the Scan N Cut. Use thick paper or thin card.

Step 2:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Use masking tape to stick your template to the back of the jacket.

Step 3:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Using the white fabric pencil, trace around the template onto the denim fabric. Keep the pencil handy, as you may find it helpful to touch up the lines at you go.

Step 4:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Cut a length of embroidery floss and don’t separate the strands. Thread up your needle and knot the end. Use stem stitch all the way around the lines you have traced. To sew stem stitch, insert your needle into the fabric from the underside. Hold the thread to one side and push the needle back into the fabric along the stitch line and then back up in the middle of the two points. Pull the thread taut and repeat all the way along the lines you have marked.

Step 5:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Finish the stitches in the corners before starting the next one, to keep the corners sharp.

Step 6:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Use stem stitch to outline all of the lettering.

Step 7:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Use the stem stitch to outline the three hearts.

Step 8:

Couple jackets tutorial step

Decide where you want to add your embellishments. Thread up your needle with sewing thread. Insert your needle up from the underside where you want to place your first gem. Thread a sequin onto the needle, followed by a bead. Feed the needle back through the hole in the sequin and the denim jacket so that the bead holds the sequin in place. Tie off the thread, and repeat until you have achieved the desired effect!

Finished embroidery design close-up

Once your jackets are complete, it’s time to put them on!

Completed project

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