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DIY Christmas Door Hanger: For A Truly Festive Front Door!

DIY Christmas Door Hanger: For A Truly Festive Front Door!

Ensure your Christmas guests are feeling well and truly festive before they even step inside this year, by learning how to create your very own DIY Christmas door hanger! Check out Kelly Anne Jordan’s step-by-step project below and create this gorgeous alternative to the traditional Christmas wreath, that you can easily tailor to suit your own Christmas style.

Time it Takes to Make: 2 to 3hrs

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

DIY Christmas Door Hanger – Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:

First you will need to cut out your bauble shapes, using the bauble template provided. Using Canvas Workspace for your brother ScanNcut, import your bauble shape and the inner shapes you would like to use. I have used the “Winter Fabric Board” image; this is a free project pattern on Canvas Workspace.

Step 2:

To make your bauble shapes, open a new project, go to Image Tracing, upload your Bauble jpg image and resize it to fit your mat. I made mine to fit a 12” x 12” cutting mat. You will need to cut 2 bauble shapes in acetate, and 1 bauble shape in construction board (you can etch the Winter Fabric Board design onto your construction board).

Step 3:

Now add “Winter Fabric Board” image to your bauble, and resize the image so it fits inside your bauble. You will need to cut 1 of these in white cardstock. Do remember to do a test cut, as construction board is much thicker than ordinary card.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to paint your construction board bauble on both sides, and leave to dry!

Step 5:

When the paint has dried, make a small hole at the top of the bauble to thread your LED lights through.

Position your light so that the wire will not be seen when it is all together, and use a glue gun to attach.

Step 6:

Attach one of your acetate baubles to your white card bauble.

Now, on the acetate side, use your alcohol markers to colour in the window (to create a stained glass window effect).

Then add a foam pad strip around the edges of the acetate bauble.

Step 7:

Now remove the foam strip back, and position this atop your construction board bauble, then attach your second acetate bauble to the front; this is to protect your white cardstock bauble.

Step 8:

Using your glue gun, go around the edges of your bauble and add some ribbon or fabric to tidy up the edge of your project.

This will seal all of your layers together, and hide any messy edges.

Step 9:

Use your glue gun once again to attach the battery pack to the back of your project, and  add a decorative bow to the front. Finally, use a strip of ribbon or fabric to hang your bauble!

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