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Cactus DIY Cat Scratching Post Your Cat Will LOVE

Cactus DIY Cat Scratching Post Your Cat Will LOVE

There are so many cat toys, climbing frames, scratching posts and more out there to keep your feline friend happy these days – but at Create and Craft we believe the very best of them are, of course, the ones you make yourself! So with that in mind, we’ve asked the fabulous Penelope Quinn (and her four-legged quality control assistant, Maui) to put together a DIY cat scratching post project to impress… and we think you’re going to love it!

Check out Penelope’s step-by-step tutorial below, and create something both you and your cat will adore, in equal measure.

DIY Cat Scratching Post Title

Do you take pet parenting as seriously as we do? Your furry friends will love this cactus cat scratcher made out of sisal rope; douse the felt flowers in kitty nip and they’ll find it irresistible!

You Will Need:

  • 50cm x 50cm plywood, approx 2.5cm deep
  • 50cm x 50cm fake grass
  • 2 part plastic Christmas baubles (big enough to fit over the end of the pipe)
  • Green spray paint
  • 54 metres of natural sisal rope
  • 2 packets of green dye
  • Glue sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Hammer
  • Electric Drill
  • Strong glue such as Gorilla Grip
  • Sand or concrete
  • Felt to make flowers


  • 60cm of 80mm pipe, cut into 8cm pieces
  • 6 x 80mm connectors
  • Toilet flange to fit 80mm
  • 80 mm 43 degree bend
  • 80 mm 95 degree bend
  • 2 x 95 degree junction

How to Make an Awesome DIY Cat Scratching Post:

Step 1:

Before you begin, dye your sisal rope. I used 2 packets, but you may need more. Soak overnight so the dye soaks through the entire rope.

Step 2:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Centre the flange onto your board, and mark with a pencil where the screws will go. Use your electric drill to pre-drill the holes, and then secure your flange with screws.

Step 3:

Cut a hole in your fake grass so it fits snugly over the flange. Glue it onto the board. Put your first connector onto the flange; if it doesn’t fit 100% snug, apply plenty of glue.

Step 4:

Take one of your 8cm pipe bits you have cut, and hammer this gently into the connector.

Step 5:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Keep going, using a pipe in between each connector until you have 4 connectors stacked on top of each other, held together with 5 pieces of 8cm pipe.

Step 6:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Fill with sand or concrete to help keep it steady.

Step 7:

Attach a 95 degree junction, followed by an 8cm pipe, and a 45 degree bend.

Step 8:

Connect your second 95 degree junction. For the second arm of the cactus, use a connector, and the 95 degree bend.

Step 9:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Break your plastic baubles in half, and use a glue gun to secure to each of the arms, and one on top.

Step 10:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Spray paint your cactus green. It doesn’t need to be a perfect finish.

Step 11:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Take your dyed sisal rope, and begin to glue gun it around the base of your cactus, continuing up.

Step 12:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

When you reach a junction, criss-cross over a couple of times, then keep working your way up until you’ve covered the entire cactus in rope.

Step 13:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Cover the spaces by measuring up smaller pieces of rope, and gluing them in.

Step 14:

DIY Cat Scratching Post Tutorial Image

Add a couple of flowers and pom poms, and it’s ready – there’s nothing left to do, but leave it out for your fur baby to enjoy!

Penelope’s Top Tips:

  • You can use what ever type of connectors and bends you can find, depending on what shaped cactus you’d like!
  • Big hardware stores and plumbing shops are the place to find all your plumbing bits.
  • If you don’t have 2-piece baubles, you can also use Styrofoam balls.
  • Spray painting your cactus first will hide a multitude of sins.
  • You will use A LOT of glue sticks… so I recommend investing in plenty, to avoid disappointment halfway through your project!
  • While it’s tempting to get nylon or synthetic rope as it’s cheaper (and it also comes in green!) I recommend always using sisal rope and dying with fabric dye. Cats like to sharpen their claws on things they can shred, and they risk getting their claws caught on the synthetic stuff. Sisal rope is irresistible to cats!
  • I found that the dye hadn’t soaked through the entire rope in places – which was especially noticeable when I started cutting smaller bits of rope. I painted on extra dye to colour the ends of this rope to help disguise it.

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