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DIY Book Sleeve Sewing Pattern: Bookworm Essentials!

DIY Book Sleeve Sewing Pattern: Bookworm Essentials!

If you love reading on the go, but hate coming home with dog-eared books, then we’ve the perfect solution right here! Tina Lowther’s DIY Book Sleeve will keep your favourite read pristine no matter where you take it, so you can throw it in your work bag, holiday case or handbag without fear!

This gorgeous little sewing project makes an awesome gift for bookworms too – why not treat someone special to that book that’s on their wishlist, and tuck it inside a beautiful handmade book sleeve before you wrap it?

DIY Book Sleeve Project Title

This is a quick and easy machine stitch, perfect for getting creative with your favourite fat quarters, or putting scraps from a previous project to good use.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Time it Takes: 1 hour

You Will Need:

DIY Book Sleeve Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Cut out 6 pieces 20cm wide by 24cm high (2 for the outer, 2 for the lining , 2 fusible wadding).

Step 2:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Fuse the wadding to the outer fabric by pressing with the iron. The rough side of the wadding goes on to the back of the fabric; press on the fabric not on the wadding.

Step 3:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Join the top of the outer fabric to the lining. With right sides together, sew along the top. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Press the seam. Turn the right way. Press so the fabrics are back to back, making sure the sewn edge is straight. Top stitch along the edge joining the outer and lining together the right way.

Step 5:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Match up front and back with right sides facing. Pin in place. Use pins to indicate where to leave a gap in the lining at the bottom, to pull through later. Make the gap the width of your hand.

Step 6:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Sew all the way around until you reach the other side of the gap. At the corners, leave your needle down in the fabric, and lift your sewing machine foot. Turn the fabric then lower the foot.

Step 7:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Snip off excess fabric at the points of the corners . Put your hand inside and pull the fabric through the gap. Push out corners with something blunt.

Step 8:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Press the gap raw edges inside so the seam is straight (pull both sides of the seam and the edges will roll in). Sew the gap together to finish the seam. This can be done on the sewing machine.

It is visible, but this seam is on the inside at the bottom of the bag. It can also be hand stitched if you prefer it to be invisible.

Step 9:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Push your lining into your sleeve, and it is complete.

Step 10 – Matching Bookmark:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Why not make a bookmark to match? Begin by cutting 2 pieces of fabric measuring 5cm x 19cm, plus 2 pieces of fusible interfacing (optional). Press interfacing onto reverse of both fabric pieces, if using.

Step 11:

Book sleeve tutorial image

Stitch around all sides leaving a gap to pull through at the bottom. Snip corners, Pull through to the right side, Push out corners and press . Hand sew the bottom closed.

Book sleeve finished project image

Now your book sleeve is complete with handy matching bookmark is complete – it’s time to slip your favourite read inside! You could use your DIY book sleeve to keep your book pristine during your daily commute, or you could make multiple book sleeves, ideal for students to keep textbooks organised!

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