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DIY Beach-Themed Wedding Cake

DIY Beach-Themed Wedding Cake

“DIY weddings are getting very popular as more and more couples are trying to save money. But with the rising costs of so many things, it’s not easy! Between you and me, it’s the perfect time to show off your crafting talents. Make sure you’re organised and everything is done at least a week before the wedding so you can enjoy the moment!” – Cassie Brown

Traditionally, wedding cakes are made using fruit cakes as this can be made months in advance. The longer the fruit cake matures, the better it tastes. The best fruit cake I’ve ever tasted was 7 years old! I know that fruit cake isn’t everyone’s favourite, so pop to your local bakery and see if they can bake cakes in different flavours like lemon, chocolate and vanilla.

You Will Need:

Making the Driftwood Panels:

1. Start by using the mould to make the driftwood panels. Brush some cornflour into the mould then turn the mould upside down to get rid of the excess. Warm the modelling paste in your hands so there are no cracks and then roll it out to a thickness of about 1/2cm.

2. Push it firmly into the mould, making sure there’s no paste overlapping the edge. Gently push the back of the mould to release the paste and out will pop an amazing piece of white wood. The wood is moulded into 3 panels, but I like to cut them up as it’s easier to handle.

Colouring the Wood:

3. If you don’t have an airbrush, then use brown food dust to simply dust over the wood, up and down the grain. I airbrushed the wood-shaped modelling paste using brown airbrush colour, moving the airbrush up and down the wood in the same direction as the grain. I then went a little closer with the airbrush to darken any splits and knots in the wood.

4. Leave to dry; it won’t take long as it’s only a light layer of colouring. Using lavender or grey airbrush colour or food dust, lightly brush the ends of the wood and any knots in the wood. It looks amazing! You will need about 18 panels to go around the bottom of the cake. Attach the panels of wood around the bottom tier of the cake using a little royal icing as glue.

Painting the Middle Tier:

5. Depending on how brave you’re feeling, you can paint the middle tier. Using food colours, I painted simple little beach huts. I used a light wash for the background and then a stronger colour for definition. If you think the beach huts are a little complicated, I’ve also given an example of some simple waves painted around the middle tier, which I also love.

Making the Rope and Shells:

6. Using the same mould, I coloured some modelling paste light grey and pushed it into the rope mould. I then gently pushed it out and attached it to the bottom of each tier of the cake using a little water. You will need several strips, but they fit together really well.

7. I used the same light grey to make some shells from the same mould. To be careful not to overfill the mould with paste; the shells can be hollow if you like. I then airbrushed them with a little brown. Try to shade them darker around the edge. I dusted some of the shells with pearl dust to add a little shimmer, then attached them to the cake using a little royal icing.

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