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Craft Our DIY Autumn Crown: Fit For Forest Royalty!

Craft Our DIY Autumn Crown: Fit For Forest Royalty!

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What better way to spend an autumn day than donning your hat and coat, and going foraging for some beautiful fallen leaves? Once you’ve collected and pressed them, turn them into a fabulous autumn crown, so you can be king or queen of the forest! Check out Penelope Quinn’s step-by-step tutorial below, and spend this fall getting creative…

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Autumn crown tutorial step

First, cut a simple crown shape out of your gold paper. Leave a couple of strips so you can secure it around your head.

Step 2:

Autumn crown tutorial step

Take your pressed leaves, and begin to glue these down onto the crown. Start with the larger leaves first, and build on top of that.

Step 3:

Autumn crown tutorial step

Continue until you have covered the entire crown with gorgeous fall leaves.

Step 4:

Autumn crown tutorial step

Time to get creative… decorate with eye-catching sparkles such as sequins, gems, glitter… or anything else you have tucked away in your craft stash!

Finished project

Now your autumn crown is complete, time to pop it on, and wear your crafty project with pride.

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