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Dinosaur Crafting: a T-Rexciting Way to Entertain Children

Dinosaur Crafting: a T-Rexciting Way to Entertain Children

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If you’ve a dinosaur-lover at home who needs entertaining, we’ve the perfect project for you! This fantastic dinosaur craft activity not only provides a fun way to keep your little one busy, but it gives them a great opportunity to explore their own creativity, storytelling skills and fact-finding abilities, as well as developing their dexterity… all without them realising they’re doing anything but having FUN!

You Will Need:

Dinosaur Craft Activity for Children:

Step 1:

Constructing the skeleton

Each dinosaur kit includes instructions; simply follow these together, to assemble the skeleton of your choice! Our 3D construction kit pack actually includes 5 dinosaurs, which is perfect if you have more than one child at home, or if you’re looking for an activity that will last! You could complete one skeleton per day for a week… or make Mondays ‘Dino Day!’

Either way, we think this is a great way to inject some fun, and get your children to dive into history, whilst really refining those fine motor skills!

Step 2:

Rolling out clay to cover dinosaur

Once the dinosaur craft skeleton is complete, it’s time to have some real fun! Select your favourite colour from the Silk Clay pack, and roll it out flat. This makes it easier to cover larger areas of your dinosaur at a time.

Step 3:

Adding clay to dinosaur craft project

Take several flat pieces of Silk Clay, and drape them over your dino skeleton, so that you cover it entirely. Once all the clay is in place, set your little one to work pinching, smoothing and shaping the clay to hide the joints, and give some real shape to the character they’re creating!

Step 4:

Adding finer details to the face

Now it’s time for some finer details. Use some red silk clay to create a tongue for your dinosaur, and then some sharp teeth using white silk clay. (Now’s a great time to discuss herbivores and carnivores too!) And to make sure your dinosaur can find his dinner, grab a couple of googly eyes and pop them into position. Now leave him to dry, whilst you move onto the next bit!

Step 5:

Dinosaur fact files

If you want to extend their learning even further, fill the time you’re waiting for your clay creation to dry, by making a fun fact sheet about your dinosaur! You could go online and do a little research together, and even print out a picture to include. For a really eye-catching project, why not write using one of our Satin Silver pens on black card?

Need more kids’ crafting ideas and inspiration? Whether you’ve a dinosaur craft addict, a miniature cardmaker in the making, or the next Picasso currently stuck at home twiddling their tiny thumbs, we’re here to help you keep them busy, happy… and flexing those imaginations! Check out the rest of our kids’ craft ideas right here, or shop kids crafting supplies on the Create and Craft website.


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