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Devilishly Decadent: Mich Turner’s Finest Cake?

Devilishly Decadent: Mich Turner’s Finest Cake?

I wanted to create a cake that could be used for multiple occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and parties. I wanted to base this cake on chocolate as it tends to be the most universally adored flavour, and I also wanted to include different elements of cake decorating. I’ve used hand piping, hand moulded chocolate roses, and wired ribbon loops.

The beauty of making ribbons and roses is that they can both be prepared well in advance.  I have chosen to make chocolate roses using Satinice Chocolate flavoured fondant and then sprayed these with bronze lustre. Store hand moulded roses in two cake box lids on a bed of greaseproof paper or kitchen paper to absorb moisture and keep the roses dry, protected, and dust-free. They can be kept for up to 3 months or even longer.

By choosing to raise the base tier, I have been able to create a bed of roses and ribbon loops around the base of the cake to add height, decoration, and interest. This also helps to balance the overall aesthetics of the cake.

Why Ribbon Loops?

Ribbon loops are a great way to fill out the space between sugar flowers. They are quicker to make, will not spoil over time, and are a perfect for using up spare lengths of ribbon or inject complementing or contrasting colours to a cake theme.

I have chosen different textures and thicknesses with my chocolate brown grosgrain, bronze, and pale peach-gold coloured ribbons.

Covering the Cake with Fondant

I have chosen to cover all my tiers and baseboards with Satinice Chocolate fondant mixed with vanilla fondant 1:1 to give a wonderful milk chocolate icing.

Knead the fondant at room temperature on a clean work surface until it is warmed, pliable, and smooth. Try not to add icing sugar or corn starch at this stage as this could dry the paste out and encourage cracks when you come to smooth it over the tiers. Only dust the work surface when you are ready to roll out the icing.

Use smoothers for a professional finish to ensure the top is flat and the sides are straight.

Amazing Fondant Roses

I used the same fondant to create the roses so they’re all the same colour and texture.

Have a Go at Hand Piping

For the hand piping, I first created a symmetrical design on tracing paper that I then stencilled through onto the cake using a scribe. I first measured the circumference of the cake with ribbon and then divided this into 3. The design is repeated 3 times around the top tier and hand piped with caramel coloured royal icing using a number 3 nozzle.

For the base tier, I took one element of the design to create a repeat pattern pressure-piped border around the tier. I like to incorporate tiers of different depths for interest and to create the balance with the overall design.

Whatever your passion for cake decorating, the secret is to practice, practice, practice. The more you decorate, the more confident you will become.

Enjoy and have a wonderful National Cake Decorating Day! Mich Turner MBE

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