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Quick & Crafty Xmas Gift: Decoupage Candle Holder

Quick & Crafty Xmas Gift: Decoupage Candle Holder

This Christmas gift idea is quick, easy, and very cheap to make — which pretty much ticks all the important boxes! My creative candle holder is great for last-minute decorations or personalised presents. — Wendy Turner Webster

I picked up several cocktail glasses from my local charity shop, all in perfect condition and just 50p each. To use as a candle holder, you can keep them the right way up or turn them upside down. The choice is yours! If you opt for upside down, you can even put a battery operated tea light in the glass itself to light up your decoupage design.

Materials Used: Pinflair Napkin Glue, LED Tea Lights, String & Decoupage Paper

You can use specific decoupage paper to create this effect, but there are some lovely napkins out there at the moment. (Far too nice to wipe your mouth with!) I opted for some that were covered with butterflies.

The key to working with napkins is the glue. Always go for specific ‘Napkin Glue‘ as it has a unique gel-like consistency and does the job perfectly.

Finish off the stem with some tightly wound string and you’ve just created a unique gift that any candle loving pal would be happy to receive. — Love, Wendy x

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