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Maz Makes… Designer-Inspired Decorated Eggs!

Maz Makes… Designer-Inspired Decorated Eggs!

Did you read Maz’s last post, all about her Mackenzie-Childs upcycling exploits? Well the lovely Maz is well and truly smitten with this stylish decor theme – so much so that she’s created a beautiful decorated egg project that you too are bound to fall in love with! Just in time for Easter, these gorgeous eggs are super stylish, and would look fabulous on display all-year-round! Check out Maz’s latest post below, including step-by-step instructions on how you too can create your own designer-effect eggs!

The passion continues unabated – whatever I’m doing, wherever I am, Mackenzie – Childs remains on my mind.  The picture frames in our newly decorated family room are testament to my continued passion for upcycling and, of course, all things Mackenzie –Childs!

Shortly after completing these, I came across some Easter eggs decorated in the Mackenzie-Childs style… which inspired me to try some of my own!

You Will Need:

Here’s How I Did It…

Step 1:

I began by giving some plastic eggs, bought very cheaply on the internet, a coat of white gesso as a base coat.

Step 2:

I then measured out the checks by sticking a strip of low tack masking tape round the middle of the egg, and drawing a pencil line on either side of the tape. Next I measured off another horizontal row either side of the middle row using the tape, ‘pleating’ it in to accommodate the narrowing of the egg. Then, using the tape to measure the width of each block, I marked off horizontal lines along the middle row and then drew a line from the apex points on the top and bottom of the egg to meet each of these blocks.

Step 3:

To make a stand to rest the eggs on while working on the eggs I cut a toilet tissue cardboard roll into rings. After mixing up some pale pink and blue acrylic paint, I painted the checks using a flat brush about as wide as a check. And then, of course, I couldn’t resist making a pair of black and white eggs as well!

Step 4:

As I was pushed for time, I used some floral transfers for the decorations on the eggs. Ideally, I would have gone the traditional decoupage route which would have taken MUCH longer!  I really enjoyed this bit – you can see the cup of coffee in the background… always a sign I am having fun! Instead of the usual Mod Podge, I decided to try varnishing with a crystal clear lacquer. This is because I was not planning to apply the many layers of gloss I would normally use on articles required to be harder-wearing. (Have you seen the new product called ‘Hard Coat’ from Modge Podge which is designed especially for that? I cant wait to try it!)

Step 5:

Three coats later, I was ready to insert some loops into the handy little holes the eggs come with. I used some handy narrow ribbons in matching colours that I cut off from some of my tops (those irritating ones that always poke out at just the wrong moment – I hardly ever use them!) Wrapping a little cellotape around the ends to join them gave me a firm base to thread into the egg and to keep the ribbon in the egg.

Job done, and I am quite chuffed with these!

I hope you have as much fun making yours as I did – let me know if you plan on giving these gorgeous eggs a go in the comments below!

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