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DIY Hanging Wall Organizer by Debbie Shore

DIY Hanging Wall Organizer by Debbie Shore

Looking for a way to store those loose bits and bobs? Debbie Shore’s Hanging Wall Organizer is a handy storage unit that takes up what is usually wasted space… the back of the door! Useful for the bathroom, kitchen, kids’ bedroom or craft room, it’s a practical solution to your storage needs. Download the pattern and follow Debbie’s step-by-step instructions below to craft your own hanging organizer… you can adapt the size easily and add as many pockets as you need!

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You Will Need:

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Debbie Shore’s Tutorial:

Step 1:

hanging wall organizer step 1 image

To make your hanging wall organizer, first fuse the foam stabiliser to the wrong side of the front fabric.

Step 2:

hanging wall organiser step 2 image

Cut two pieces of pocket fabric measuring 16” x 5”, and two measuring 16” x 4”. Then cut four pocket pieces from your downloadable pattern.

Step 3:

hanging organizer step 3 image

Sew the long pocket pieces right sides together along the top and bottom to form two tubes. Next, turn the right side out and press, then edge stitch across the tops.

Step 4:

wall organizer step 4 image

Sew the remaining pocket pieces right sides together, leaving a turning gap in the bottom of about 2”. Next, turn the right side out and press, then edge stitch across the tops.

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Step 5:

Debbie Shore's wall organizer step 5 image

Cut two lengths of ribbon measuring 4”, then fold through the swivel snaps and glue in place.

Step 6:

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Place the long small pocket over the back of the hanger, 1 ½” from the top; the two shaped pockets evenly 2” from the bottom, then the larger pocket in the centre. You may find clips easier than pinning as the foam is quite thick. Sew across the bottom of each pocket. Place the swivel snaps over the bases of the two bottom pockets, and sew.

Step 7:

Debbie Shore's hanging organizer image 7

Bring the sides of the bottom pockets towards the centre to give them shape, then pin the tops.

Step 8:

wall organizer step 8 image

Sew along the sides – make sure you reverse stitch at the tops to make the seams strong. Now sew dividing lines along the long pockets, wherever you like! Smaller pockets for pens, larger ones for letters… I’ve sewn mine 4” from each side, leaving a larger pocket in the centre.

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Step 9:

Debbie Shore organizer step 9 image

Cut three strips of ribbon, each measuring 4”, then fold in half and sew evenly spaced to the top of the hanger, facing inwards.

Step 10:

wall hanging organizer step 10 image

Sew the backing fabric right sides together to the front of the hanger, leave a turning gap in the base of about 4”. Snip across the corners, turn the right side out and press.  Now edge stitch all around to complete your hanging wall organizer.

Debbie Shore's finished wall hanging organizer image

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