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Debbie Shore’s DIY Felt Snowman Christmas Decoration

Debbie Shore’s DIY Felt Snowman Christmas Decoration

Learn how to make the most adorable felt snowman Christmas decoration, with our resident sewing expert, Debbie Shore! In this easy-to-follow video  tutorial, Debbie takes you step-by step through the project, enabling you to create your own DIY felt snowman. Popping out of a cute little cone, this snowman Christmas decoration offers a quirky twist on your standard snowman baubles – and the project is so easy to follow, you can make more than one in no time! Why not make up a few with different coloured hats, to create a fun display?

Finished size: 9” x 4”

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Cut out your brown felt piece.

Step 2:


Make a hand running stitch around the marked line on your pattern. Drizzle a little wet glue along one side of the felt, and fold it over to make the cone shape. Sew the three buttons over the fold. Stuff with toy filler.

Step 3:

Cut a 6” circle from white felt. Take a running stitch around the edge.

Step 4:

Pull the thread to gather slightly, and stuff with toy filler before pulling the thread again and knotting. Cut an orange felt nose, roll into a small cone shape and fix with glue. Glue the nose to the centre of the white ball. Make two French knot eyes from black embroidery thread, and add a smiley mouth! A dot of blusher on each cheek gives your snowman character.

Step 5:

Cut two 3” circles of red fabric; cut a 1.5” hole in the centre of one, and make a running stitch around the edge of the other.

Step 6:

Gather the whole circle until it fits inside the hole of the remaining circle, and sew in place. To cover any untidy stitches, wrap the ribbon around the seam and glue in place. Cut out a couple of green leaves and a red berry and glue over the ribbon. Push a little toy filler inside the hat.

Step 7:

Glue the head inside the cone, then glue the hat on top. Thread a length of red embroidery thread through the hat and knot into a loop to hang.

Debbie Shore’s Snowman Christmas Decoration Video Tutorial:

Why not have fun by creating different characters? I created an elf by making the nose smaller, and adding pointy ears and a cone hat! – Debbie

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