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Debbie Shore’s DIY Sewing Storage Project

Debbie Shore’s DIY Sewing Storage Project

Create this handy sewing storage solution with a little help from the fabulous Debbie Shore, and keep your sewing table tidy, no matter what you’re working on! This crafty little sewing storage easel is a must-have for sewing enthusiasts everywhere. Not only is it a fantastic sewing project to get stuck into, but you’ll absolutely love using it once its finished to! Stand it on your sewing table when you start working on your next sewing project, and fold it away when you’ve finished. What’s not to love?

You Will Need:

Sewing storage project image

Sewing Storage Project Instructions:

Step 1:

Sewing storage project image

Cut two fabric pieces measuring 13.” x 21.5” for the cover, and two measuring 12.75” x 8.5” to form the base. A non-directional print works best for these pieces.

Step 2:

Sewing storage project image

For the pockets, cut one piece of fabric measuring 13” x 12”, one measuring 13.” x 10” and one piece measuring 13.” x 8”. Fold each in half lengthways, right sides together and sew to form three tubes. Turn the right sides out and press, then edge stitch across the tops.

Step 3:

Sewing storage project image

Place the medium sized pocket over the largest one, ½” from the bottom. Draw two dividing lines with your erasable pen, 3” from each side, and sew.

Step 4:

Sewing storage project image

Draw a ling along the centre of one of the large pieces of fabric. Place the pocket over one half, with the bottom of the pocket 2” from the edge of the fabric. Sew across the bottom of the pocket, along each side, then one dividing line straight down the centre.

Step 5:

Sewing storage project image

Place the remaining pocket over the opposite side of the cover, 2” from the edge of the fabric. Sew across the bottom. Pin the elastic 2.5” above the pocket. Draw, then sew dividing lines across the elastic, then in the same place over the pocket, to create smaller pockets in any size you like. I made five slim pockets for pencils, and two larger pockets to the side.

Step 6:

Sewing storage project image

On the inside cover fabric, measure and mark two spots, 7” from the bottom and 3.5” from each side. Sew two buttons over these marks.

Step 7:

Sewing storage project image

Place the two cover pieces right sides together, and sew all the way round, leaving the end opposite the buttons open. Snip across the corners and turn the right side out. Push one piece of cardboard inside the cover. Sew across the centre line.

Step 8:

Sewing storage project imageTurn the raw edge of the cover under by 0.5” and press. Take one of the remaining base pieces and sew two buttons 1” from the bottom and 3” from each side.

Step 9:

Sewing storage project image

Sew the bungees, facing inwards, 3.5” from each side, just under the buttons.

Step 10:

Sewing storage project imagePlace the two base pieces right sides together, and sew, leaving the top open. Snip across the corners, turn the right side out and press. Insert the open end of the base inside the open end of the cover, with the buttons both on the same side and sew.

Step 11:

Sewing storage project image

Fill your fabulous sewing storage solution with pens, rulers and tools!

Step 12:

Sewing storage project image

When not in use, carefully fold the sewing storage easel over and wrap the base around the cover, fastening the bungees over the buttons.


The easel is meant to store slim items, bulkier items can be stored whilst the easel is open but may prevent it from closing when not in use.

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