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Debbie Shore’s Personalised Cushion Project: Create a Family Keepsake!

Debbie Shore’s Personalised Cushion Project: Create a Family Keepsake!

Debbie Shore’s latest sewing project provides you with the perfect way to create a personalised gift for someone special… or simply add bespoke charm to your own front room! This pretty personalised cushion design features the whole family’s handprints…. including the dog! You could even go further and really make this cushion cover personal, by adding dates, names or simple drawings. Why not ask the family to choose their favourite fabrics, or use old clothes for the applique?

How to Make a Personalised Cushion:

You Will Need:

Materials for a 16” cushion pad:

Step 1:

Personalised cushion project image

Cut 2 x 17” squares of fabric, and two pieces measuring 17” x 22”. Fold the longer pieces in half wrong sides together and press.

Step 2:

Personalised cushion project image

Iron your adhesive sheet to the backs of the contrast fabric pieces, place the hands over the paper sides and draw around them! It may be difficult to draw around your pet’s paws, so compromise by using a generic foot print.

Step 3:

Personalised cushion project image

Arrange your handprints over one of the 17” squares of fabric. When you’re happy with the design, peel away the paper backings and iron in place. If your hand prints overlap, just adhere the bottom piece to start with. Leave enough space around the hands for a name.

Step 4:

Personalised cushion project image

Place the fabric over the wadding. This is optional, but I like the padded feel the wadding creates. Pop your free motion foot onto your sewing machine, and ‘doodle’ around each shape! I like to use black thread so that the stitches really stand out.

Step 5:

Personalised cushion project image

Continue applying and embroidering the remaining hands. Write names or messages at the sides of the applique with erasable ink, then sew over the lines.

Step 6:

Personalised cushion project image

Take the folded pieces of fabric and place, overlapping, over the front of the cushion cover. Sew across the bottom.

Step 7:

Personalised cushion project image

Place the remaining fabric square on top, with the folded pieces sandwiched in the centre. Sew all the way round, apart from a turning gap in the base [over the section you’ve already sewn] of about 6”. Snip across the corners and turn through.

Step 8:

Personalised cushion project image

Sew the opening closed by hand. Turn through once more.

Step 9:

The envelope opening will be at the back of the cover. Insert your cushion pad to finish!

Personalised cushion project image

A Few Tips for Successful Free Motion Embroidery:

  • Don’t worry about your stitch lines being perfect, if you sew over the lines a few times it creates a ‘scribbly’ outline which is really fashionable!
  • Use a free motion/darning foot, and drop the feed dogs on your machine if you can; if you don’t have that facility, try with the feed dogs up. It still works!
  • Relax your shoulders, it’s easy to ‘hunch’ over the machine when you’re concentrating.
  • Use a stabiliser on the wrong side of your fabric to help stop it from puckering.
  • Quilters gloves help your hands to grip the fabric as you sew.
  • Enjoy! Free motion embroidery is fun!

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